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Corporate Cyber Security; Here’s Why Your Company Should Invest in Managed File Transfer

It’s not a secret anymore – FTP isn’t the future for file sharing at the corporate level. While the technology has served humanity for decades and still plays a critical role in day to day communication, it is just not secure enough when sharing sensitive information, whether within the organization or with partner businesses.

To begin with, FTP servers are very easy to hack, perhaps because of the outdated technology. Even with the recent security advancements, hackers still have a field day eavesdropping on FTP conversations. If you want end-to-end security, you need to find other ways to share your files.

One of your best options at the moment is Managed File Transfer (MFT). Here are five reasons why;

  1. Proof of delivery 

One of the biggest drawbacks of FTP is that there is no visibility at all. You send a file and just hope that the receiver finds it in their inbox. Unless they write back saying “Thank you, I got the documents,” you’ll never know if the documents reached the destination. MFT guarantees delivery of files and provides detailed feedback about every transfer.

  1. Stronger file encryption 

As already mentioned, FTP suffers from lack of up-to-date security features. Even the secure version of FTP has holes that can easily be targeted by hackers and cybercriminals. MFT, on the other hand, employs the newest and strongest file-level encryption algorithms. This alone can go a long way in preventing data breaches or data compromises.

  1. Advanced notification and reporting 

At the corporate level, notification and reporting are very important. You need to know how many files you’re sharing, to whom the files are being sent, when the files are being sent, and so on. Only managed file sharing makes this possible. You can monitor and tracks thousands of connections and transfers in real time, ensuring better control and insight.

  1. Compliance is easier with MFT

This is another reason you should be shunning other file transfer solutions. Compliance is a big thing at the corporate level. Failure to comply with certain industry regulations can even put you out of business. Sophisticated managed file transfer solutions such as IPSwitch provide granular control over files so you can define what is seen, read, and updated.

  1. Prevents business disruption 

With MFT, you can reduce problems that disrupt business operations or cause profit leakage violations and instead focus on proactively identifying and fixing issues before they erupt. And, owing to the improved audit-and-trace capabilities, businesses are also able to recover quicker in the event of a disaster and complete, in record time, audits that would have previously put the business offline for days.

What’s even better about Managed File Transfer is that these are just the security benefits. There are a whole lot of other perks you’ll enjoy as soon as you get on board such as support for larger files (up to 1GB+) and improved end-to-end efficiency. Put simply, MFT could be the missing link in your business; it could be what finally gets you the take off you’ve always dreamed about.


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