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Fight For Flight – How to Land the Ideal Aviation Insurance Policy

Landing the ideal aviation policy can sometimes be an arduous task that leaves you scratching your head and feeling a little frustrated. Luckily, we are here to equip you with some handy pointers to look out for when choosing the best, most affordable and reliable aviation insurance policy for your business or aircraft. Here you will find some handy tips regarding the purchase of aircraft insurance, so read on to find out more.

It Is Crucial That You Look Before You Leap

This is the first point for a reason – simply because it is the most important point to take into consideration. It is crucial that you don’t build or purchase an airplane before you have searched for the appropriate aviation insurance policy that will suit your needs and your future aircraft’s needs.

The first step is for you to find an aviation insurance professional that is knowledgeable and understands your needs, budget and so on. Only then can you fully commit yourself into whatever aircraft you have in mind. Even the best insurance agent in the world won’t be able to fix a badly planned situation, so avoid any future headaches by looking before you leap.

Explore Your Options

Like anything else in life, it is always advised that you explore your options. Don’t decide on the first policy you come across. Instead, window shop. You have numerous options when it comes to aviation insurance policies, so take your time and don’t rush into a policy without fully understanding the other options that are available to you.

For example, when it comes to aircraft liability insurance, you may or may not need higher/lower insurance limits. As for aircraft physical damage insurance, you have options such as self-insuring, with aircraft liability insurance only. Alternatively, you may be considering ground-only aircraft physical insurance. Options like this will save you a significant amount of money, and you should look into such policies before making your final decision on what is the best policy for your needs.

Ensure that your aviation insurance agent provides you with all the possible options as well as the associated costs, so you can be sure that you are getting the correct aircraft insurance at the best price.

Flexibility Is Key

If you have built a specialty, one of a kind airplane, chances are you will find it extremely difficult to purchase aircraft physical damage insurance. Often times, you will also be required to complete a number of hours of transition training, which may cost you extra money. This is why it is so important to be flexible in your choices. Being rigid will make it all that more difficult to find the appropriate aviation insurance policy for your aircraft, so keep an open mind at all times.

Stick To One Trusted Agent

The last tip we have is to pick an agent that you trust, and stick to them and them only. Ideally, your insurance agent will be someone who listens to you, and fully understands your needs, objectives and budget. Picking an insurance professional who is knowledgeable about aircraft insurance ensures that you can be confident you are buying the right insurance and are not wasting money on unnecessary policies. Once you have researched and found yourself the perfect aviation insurance agent, we advise that you stick to using them and them only.

We hope that these tips on landing the ideal aviation insurance policy have come in handy and have given you some insight into how you can go about choosing the right agent and insurance policy for your aircraft. Best of luck in all your aviation endeavours!


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