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What Do Your Fleet Graphics Say About Your Company? 

Are you looking to spend a little on hands-off advertising? Using fleet graphics on your company vehicles is a great way to do this. Once you have yours designed and installed, you’ll be getting your message across to hundreds or thousands of people as your team goes about their day as usual.

Why Go for Better Graphics?

By far, the biggest benefit of using or improving upon your fleet graphics is a cohesive brand identity. If you’ve spent money on features like a slick website or crisp uniforms, you definitely need any vehicles used to deliver your product or services to contribute to this profitable identity.

This is information you’re probably already aware of – it’s important to give your business a professional, trustworthy appearance. However, there are a few other reasons why fleet graphics are the best way to go about it. The big one is money.

Think of other ways you’d brand your company vehicles. One is to give each vehicle a similar paint job. This is infinitely more expensive, and will need to be touched up as wear or damage occurs.

Fleet graphics are less expensive than a paint job, and actually protect the investment you’ve made in your company vehicles by preserving the factory paint, with no repainting required following removal. You cannot say the same for die-cut letters and other company info you may paste to your vehicles, which leave an impression behind when removed.

Wouldn’t a magnet be even cheaper? Yes, but it’s unlikely anyone will be impressed by this. Especially if they see it abandoned on the side of the highway.

Fleet Graphics – What You MUST Include

Studies back up the notion that people can, and do, make note of what your fleet graphics say and convey. Before you even begin to choose from the best fleet and transit print services, consider what your graphics will include.

Is there a particular color or graphic that easily calls to mind what your business is all about? For example, if you maintain pools and spas, swirls of clean blue water make sense. If your storefront, uniforms, or labelling uses the same royal shade of purple, fleet graphics can replicate this exact shade for enhanced association to your brand.

Those design elements, including a logo you may use, are crucial in helping you stand out. From there, you need any text to be completely legible, so no fine print or exhaustive lists. Make it known what you specialize in without asking the passerby to commit to more than a few seconds of reading time.

Finally, you would ideally include two forms of contact information. This could be website and phone, or, if you want customers to come to a physical location, an address.

If you’ve already spent money on company vehicles, it’s time to get double the mileage from your investment. Take the time to collaborate on effective fleet graphics, and who knows how far your brand’s reach could go? Make every mile logged an opportunity for new business with a more solid brand that people, just by virtue of making that daily commute, are more familiar with.


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