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Stopping Fraud in Its Tracks:  How Identity Verification Can Protect Your Business

Leading an online business is great! You can set your own hours and do it from anywhere in the world. If you structure it right, it can even make you money in your sleep. Sounds terrific, right? Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, because you’re more than probably going to have to deal with fraud. Since you don’t get to see who you’re dealing with in person, it can be hard to decipher that person’s true intentions. Luckily, identity verification can help you steer clear of fraudsters before they become a problem:

1. Stay within the boundaries of the law

Imagine you’re selling cigarettes or alcohol, and some teenager wants to take advantage of the inherent anonymity of the internet to order them. That could get you in a whole heap of trouble; the fines for that can really get sky-high. But with an industry-grade software solution such as the one you can find at, you will quickly be able to tell whether the documents presented as a form of identification are legitimate or not.

2. Protect your resources

Say you’re in the loan industry and someone tries to present a fake ID and scam you out of your hard-earned capital. Just a single successful fraud attempt could have devastating consequences for you and your business. That’s why you simply cannot afford to let them jeopardize your operations, ever.

3. Identity verification software is best combined with other security measures

As essential as it may be, identity verification software must be viewed as the last remaining piece of the puzzle in your overall security scheme. Other crucial elements are checking the buyer’s IP address, type of device used, purchase volume, etc. If you spot anything fishy, do not let the order go through until this is thoroughly investigated.

4. Fight against money laundering

Money laundering is more common than you may think, and fighting against it is not just a moral obligation; in fact, you’re required to do it by law. These crooks are perfecting their methods day in and day out, so it’s your mission to always stay ahead of their plans. If things just don’t add up, identity verification may be performed at your sole discretion as the final security check.

5. When something doesn’t add up, don’t be afraid to ask questions

You may even configure your identity verification questionnaire in such a way that anyone who isn’t able to correctly answer the questions presented is automatically denied and not allowed to place an order through your website. However, most experts recommend that instead of hard-rejecting them, you should send them in a manual review procedure performed either by you or your in-house team of experts.


There are plenty more reasons to implement identity verification software as soon as possible, but these will have to do for now. In essence, it’s all about making the bad guys work so hard to break your defenses that they’re much better off trying to target someone else and leave you alone; attempting to mess with you simply won’t be viable for them from an economic point of view. If you can up your defenses to this level, you’ve already won the vast majority of your battles against them before they even begin.


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