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An Artisanal Guide To Creating A Stylish Cafe Experience…

Creating a cafe sounds like an easy option in 2018. All you have to do is source a semi-industrial space, hang up some tungsten light bulbs and get grinding, right? Creating a unique cafe with a stylish, one-of-a-kind atmosphere involves much more than simply following a playbook of trends. To create a space which is both inviting and intriguing will involve asking yourself questions about what you can offer to your potential customers, and how you can go about delivering it.

More Than Window Dressing

First thing’s first – make sure the basic supplies of your cafe are top quality and hard wearing. It’s one of the most enduring impressions customers will have of your business. Nobody enjoys drinking from a chipped cup (or finding someone else’s lipstick on the rim of a glass).

When setting up your cafe or refreshing your business, source the best quality basics you can afford (click here for a source of well-reputed hospitality supplies in Melbourne and Sydney). By doing so, you will ensure you make a good first impression on customers. You will also spend less in the long term by saving on the ongoing cost of replacing shoddy or poor quality supplies.

Find Your Calling

It’s a good idea to spend some time asking yourself (and trusted friends and mentors) a simple question – “what do I do well?”

The answer to this question should be a good clue as to the sort of product you can really master and make your own. If you’re a gun barista with a flair for French patisserie, make sure to position these items at front and centre. If you’re excellent at making creative and well-liked breakfasts, make these your focus. There’s no use in over-egging the pudding – it’s much better initially to find your star items and share these with new customers. By ensuring they get the best you have to offer, you can get the best possible onward word of mouth.

Ditch The Pretension

What was it that made the bar in Cheers so special? Or the cafe ‘Central Perk’ from Friends? Other than the slightly cheesy names, these places weren’t so much about being trendy or hip – they were more than that. They represented a place where people could come together and unwind. The secret of these places is that they were a central and important part of their community.  

If you’re serious about creating a cafe with a tangible atmosphere, think about how your cafe will interact with the local community. Consider creating a space for local groups to congregate, or even add some playable games such as dominos or chess.

Encouraging customers to spend more time in your space will most likely see them turn into (happy) repeat customers.

Add A Little Bit Of Yourself

If you’re trying to create a space which is both stylish and individual, it’s always worth throwing a bit of yourself into the mix.

Are you someone that travels a lot? Or perhaps you’re someone with an interest in a unique hobby? These elements of your personality can be channeled into the decor and presentation of your cafe to make it a little bit more of a personal experience. Trinkets such as souvenirs from far flung places, and even postcards. If you’re an avid sports person or involved in team activities, find a way to include references to these in your cafe. You may find that it encourages those with similar pursuits to spend time in your cafe – it might feel comfortable and welcoming to them.

By adding a bit of self expression into the decor and style of your space you resist becoming another formulaic cafe. By providing an insight into your humanity and connecting with customers over this, you can bring to life the interior of the cafe, and encourage customers to add their own story to it.



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