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The changing roles in UK businesses

Business software specialist launches e-book about becoming more agile ~

With Brexit looming, the role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) is changing. Strategic partner of Sage UK and business software specialist CPiO has published an e-book explaining why CFO’s should be focussed on making business models agile and efficient, ready to meet any potential challenges that could arise because of leaving the European Union (EU). The book can be downloaded free from the CPiO website, here.

In its latest e-Book, CPiO is urging businesses with legacy systems and long-standing processes to move beyond the constraints of multiple, incompatible systems. Instead of viewing the implementation of modern technology as a one-off investment that can resolve a singular business issue, the book urges CFOs to adopt a strategic vision.

Arguably one of the biggest challenges that businesses are faced with when using multiple, disparate systems is obscuring the tactical and strategic activity of CFOs. Instead of having access to trusted data that delivers fast and real insight about the business’s operations, many CFOs are spending excess time gathering the data and questioning its accuracy.

“Accurate real-time data is pivotal to accurate forecasting and decision making from CFOs,” explained Brian King, Enterprise Management Product Manager at CPiO. “Having the right technologies in place like an enterprise system means that CFOs can automatically collect substantial quantities of granular data and underpin every aspect of the business, allowing them to make confident decisions about planning and forecasting.

“Enterprise Management makes it possible for businesses to look at data in new ways. For example, one business decided to analyse the geography of its purchases and found that they had a strong customer base in a particular area. This revelation led the business to open a warehouse in that location, resulting in a cut of transport costs by two thirds and improved customer service.

“With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, UK businesses need to remain competitive. Business management systems allow organisations to be forward thinking and fast adopters of any changes needed to meet real world commercial and economic challenges.”

Many organisations struggle to put across a successful argument for adopting more innovative technologies, in comparison to new equipment. While the latest equipment can promise an easily quantifiable improvement in productivity, a shift in technology can assist businesses to improve performance, agility and reach new markets, creating more competitive opportunities.

The book is available to download for free, directly from the CPiO website here. Business leaders interested in more information about CPiO’s range of business management systems and their benefits can visit the company website or call +44 (0)344 880 6140.


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