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Rising Through the Ranks

Do These 3 Things to Get a Promotion at Work

Getting noticed at work and landing the promotion you’ve been seeking has long been a topic up for debate. While there are those who believe that self-promotion is the only way to gain a leg-up in a competitive market, others feel that getting noticed is a more organic process, that focuses more on others than oneself. Getting notices and effectively receiving the promotion you think you deserve, requires teamwork and is about having everyone’s best interest at heart. If you are trying to get a promotion at work are three things you must do.

Be a Silent Influencer

Silent influencers are often the people in the office who are invited to participate in the most critical projects and rarely are a part of the group activities where the loud and disorganized employees are involved. They are the employees who possess quiet confidence, but also who speak up often enough that their voices are heard and have a tremendous impact when they do speak up. Being a silent influencer is a great way to get noticed at work, whether you’ve helped set up a corporate IT training program or determined a quicker way to complete a repetitive task, your contributions to the team won’t go unnoticed.

Do More than Your Job Description

Look beyond your job description. Always look around, beyond, and beneath the opportunities that you pursue. If you want to get noticed at work, you need to approach each day with a broad vision. Employees that know how to get seen quickly have learned how to maximize the value of their role and continually look for ways to expand their influence throughout the company. You should always be asking your boss and others if there is anything that you can do to help them complete a project or grow the company, advises the writers at The Muse.

Help Your Colleagues Succeed

Expanding your influence at work isn’t just about doing your job but helping everyone else do theirs. One of the most potent success factors to have in your career is the ability to share your momentum with others. Helping your colleagues succeed is not only a sign of self-confidence and self-trust but a sign of teamwork and collaborative leadership, which is essential in getting noticed. The experts at The Balance Careers, note that being known as a team player will shine a spotlight on your career. The more opportunities you can create for others, the more doors you’ll find will open for you and give you the best chance of being promoted.

When the powers at be in your current place of employment, observe your genuine desire to help your colleagues find success, you will be noticed immediately. Not only do you need to help your colleagues succeed, but you also need to be passionate about learning from those colleagues that you are supporting. This will help you build mutually rewarding relationships in your workplace where everyone wins.

Self-promotion isn’t necessarily the best way to advance your career. You need to learn how to fit within the company and trust in yourself. Once you can navigate the terrain, you will be well on your way to getting the promotion you desire.


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