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Infinity Group Australia… A Solid Investment Company

Every successful business has a solid entrepreneur at its center, running operations throughout its structure from within. This ideology is especially true for entities in the financial services sector because corporate cultures often adopt their attitudes from their founders and central-most workers.

Infinity Group Australia is one of the hottest up-and-coming financial services providers in all of Australia. Co-founded by Graeme Holm, a former professional soccer player who also has ten years’ experience working for the Major 4 financial institutions in the land down under, making him a perfect candidate for leading a mid-sized financial services firm like Infinity Group Australia to the top of the market.

What is Infinity Group Australia?

In 2012, the future founders of this company had met for the first time. Rebecca Walker was a personal trainer, whereas Mr. Holm was looking for a reputable, professional personal trainer to trust his health and well-being in the hands of since getting out of shape for the first time in his adult life.

Rebecca Walker and Mr. Holm eventually became romantically involved with one another in late 2012. From tbe jump, each of the lovebirds knew the other loved the idea of working in financial services. As such – rather than not getting their dreams to come true and effectively wasting their lives – they decided to pool their available assets together and get their feet wet in the field.

From the conjunction of their creative minds came what’s known today as Infinity Group.

What do reviews of the company say?

Infinity Group Australia reviews are widely positive; virtually everywhere one can look on the World Wide Web to check on reviews will hold upstanding Infinity Group Australia reviews.

The all-star National Rugby League Jayson Bukuya is very happy with the services the New South Wales-based company provided him. In Jayson Bukuya’s review of the company, he said “Thanks to the Infinity team, we’ve now purchased our first family home, which we never thought we’d be able to do.”

Considering that Australians are deeper in debt than just about every other country’s population, the fact that the still-young Bukuya could purchase a home outright with cash is nothing short of amazing.

Another customer, Richel Ninham, is quoted as saying, “The kids are happier because we are happier, less stressed, have fun, and laugh again.” Both Ninham’s and Jayson Bukuya’s reviews are indicative of the average review left by an overwhelming majority of the customers of Infinity Group.

Jessica Anne Holmes’ testimonial can be found on Infinity Group’s official website. It reads, “Rebecca and Graeme always go above and beyond. Such great people doing such great things!”

Andrew and Karene Shepherd, a married couple who had been in major debt for decades upon decades claimed that “An expert told us that we were not in a position to buy an investment property. Since joining Infinity we have four and own our own home.”

The complete list of positive reviews and testimonials about this company and its widespread portfolio of basic services go on for tens of pages – we haven’t got time to keep reciting reviews verbatim, but the Internet is full of a wealth of positive talks about Infinity as a whole, its employees’ professionalism, how much co-founder Graeme Holm truly cares about every single client under its management, and – last but certainly not least – the grossly insane returns its clients receive on investments.

Graeme Holm is the mastermind of the Infinity Australia Group. He’s converted the competitive spirit he fostered throughout his soccer career into a will to prevail over other financial services firms.


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