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What Are the Top 3 Modern Ecommerce Trends?

Time only ever seems to make developments in markets and trends come faster and faster. This is likely to continue as technology improves and the world adapts to it. E-commerce is no exception to this. In fact with its’ tech-based existence, this sector is a great example. Today we take a look at 3 modern Ecommerce trends you need to be aware of.

  1. Speed

Speed is more important today than ever. Consumers want everything now, or even better, yesterday. Instant gratification is the key, so speed of ordering, processing and delivery all matter. This is made truer because of there now being so many options for products. Fast delivery can often be the deciding factor in choosing between providers, so trends such as fulfilment centers and direct-to-consumer businesses have also seen an increase in popularity. Using the best-in-class ecommerce technologies is now an important part of the battle for market share and customers.

  1. Cross-platform Utilization

Cross-platform marketing and functionality is another essential thing to consider. A few years back it was all about mobile optimization, as the widespread use of mobile internet became popular and accessible. It meant having a website that could be accurately displayed on a phone. Over time it became about targeting specific areas and customizing your approach to the customer. Now we’re at a point where mobile shopping could soon become the single biggest segment of the online retail market.

That means you really need to be on top of the entire mobile related process, from your shop front functionality and design to marketing and targeting. Neglecting this area has already seen many brands suffer and even die. Don’t risk yours becoming another name on that list, and take advantage of slow-adapting competitors by moving as quickly and decisively as possible.

  1. Leveraging Social Media

Of course part of your mobile integration should also feature social media, because this is a great way to create mobile interaction between prospective customers and your brand. Social media is about more than that, it creates a bond between your brand and its consumers. It also has the potential to do wonderful things for brand awareness through methods like viral marketing.

Viral marketing has no real established formula, as there is a considerable variation between campaigns which have worked well and gone viral. The general theme of viral success is to create something that catches attention and which people will want to share. Some campaigns rely on shock value to create this, whilst others use a humorous or cute approach instead. Usually you will want the campaign to tie into your brand identity somehow, though shock value can also be a great tactic. Take the 2013 GoDaddy superbowl ad, which combined shock value and brand markers to create an ad much of the country was talking about that evening and the following day – which of course created even more interest, and more awareness for the brand itself.


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