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The Customer Is King

4 Strategies to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Company

There’s hardly any marketing material more powerful than a customer’s word of mouth. What a customer says about your business can make or break it (your business). This underscores why it’s critically important to create a good rapport with your clientele, largely, by offering them satisfactory service and/or quality products.

A good customer experience will often make customers fall in love with your business. So, in this piece, we share 4 tried and true strategies to help you court your current and prospective buyers into diehard fans.

It all starts with respect for your customers

Of course, you’ll meet a rude customer every so often, but the last thing you should ever do is come on too strong. Train your customer service team to be patient with clients, especially those who are themselves impatient or downright rude. Allowing customers fair amounts of time to air their issues provides you with the opportunity to help resolve these issues and make the patrons comfortable.

Here’s even a better reason why you should care: a whopping 96 percent of your unhappy customers won’t complain to you, they’ll instead tell 15 friends. This can be terrible for your business as the powerful word of mouth will seriously work against the reputation of your company for the long haul.

Always be authentic in your interactions with customers 

Customer relationship experts like Spiro note that customers always tend to approach business interactions with built-in skepticism. They’ll detect the slightest exaggeration or pretense more readily than you comprehend. And if they do, they’ll not hesitate to do business with someone else, taking their money with them.

In this age of the social media, you ideally want to have a prominent social media presence. That Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram profile and more, can be a perfect means to genuinely interact with your customers. It’s always a good idea to address them by name. Calling a customer by their first name can significantly help solidify their love for your business.

Practice two-way communication, treating each customer like a valued partner 

There are many ways to make your customers feel valued. Start by making it a habit to ask for their feedback; seek their opinions about various aspects of your business, including the kind of changes that they’d want to see in your offerings. Then make sure you act upon the feedback. Don’t forget to thank the customer for their feedback or their business. Such courtesy goes a long way in cementing your relations with the patrons.

Build customer trust in your brand, products and/or services  

The customer needs to be confident that you’ll uphold good quality in your offerings and keep your promises. Start by being consistent in your messaging and quality of service so that they can build a sense of trust and dependability in you.

Alert your customers to any major changes in your offerings as a way to manage their expectations. Just by keeping them in the know, customers will naturally regard you as a trusted friend and not just a detached business.


We’re living in an age where information travels fast. Nurturing relationships with your clientele is no longer an option but a vital means to business survival. These strategies should help safeguard you from running your customers the wrong way, ensuring that you grow a successful business with ease.


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