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Servcorp’s Guide to Coworking in London

Professionals in either East or West London will find the search for coworking spaces easy. With London office rents being some of the most expensive in the world, businesses are tasked with having to find suitable, affordable office space in an already crowded out market. However, Servcorp, one of London’s larger service providers, can alleviate the pressure of high rent by making office space more accessible to start-ups and SMEs.

Coworking in London can place your business in a number of avenues in the city. When looking for space, businesses will find the coworking landscape in the city is much like everywhere else in the world – many spaces offering a variety of amenities. London’s coworking scene can be conquered, even with so many different types of coworking spaces.

Keep reading to learn more about coworking in London and how this office solution can benefit your business.

Know The Landscape

While working in London brings with it new possibilities, prospective coworking professionals will find spaces of varying degrees. London’s East and West locations have very different atmospheres. East London is typically associated with a working-class community, but even still it has its share of space while West London is perceived to be a more established, some suggest even posh, sections of London. Both areas bring a different vibe to it and depending on your business, this might affect clientele and business.

In general, the coworking landscape is comprised of general spaces that cater to all professionals and smaller spaces that cater to particular missions and industries. When on the hunt for space, take into consideration the way you would like to use your coworking space and then make a decision on what space best meets your needs. The limitations around using a space that caters to specific industries or missions is that you do not get the same diversity in the space that you do with a general space, but the space does cater to your business’s specific needs.

Go In With A Plan

Coworking offices are unique to other plans because of the numerous ways they can be used. For this reason, when coworking, flesh out a plan for using the space effectively. Other than its immediate use for workspace, you can do so many things in the office. Networking is definitely a big part of the coworking scene, but you can also use the space to create and promote your brand.

More significantly, you can use the space to collaborate with other professionals. The space works for both functions of the office, whether you want to establish a foundation for building the business or whether you want to just work. To leverage the use of the space, create a plan for using the space.

Closely Inspect Your Contract

As with any space, make sure you understand the details in the lease. For one, your average coworking space provides you with workspace, but not all spaces are equal. Make sure you know exactly what is included with your coworking plan because it will eliminate some of the problems associated with working in the space.

Ultimately, though, the only way to know how a coworking community functions is to visit the space. A good way to determine whether space is going to offer you the tools you need is to visit the space, and during different times of the day. By spending an hour in the space, you can get an idea of whether the community is worth committing to, and fortunately, the lease lengths are short enough so you do not find yourself working in space that does not work for you.

Finding A Coworking Space London

Because coworking brings so many opportunities to the table, finding a space that more than meets the needs of your business is important. If you decide to work in any of the business districts in London, the coworking space can fit out your business with the tools needed to succeed. The search for the right coworking space, though, begins with your plan of action.


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