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Making a Career Change?

Here Are Things to Consider…

At some point, many people feel like they have had enough of their jobs. There is a feeling that they have enjoyed and experienced all there is to learn and that there is a need to look for a new adventure. This is no doubt a great thing and if it helps to fulfill one’s life wishes and aspirations, why not take the decision to change your career. However, before one throw caution to the wind and hand in his letter of resignation, it’s imperative that they consider the following.

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Do Your Research 

An appealing job title, job description plus the desire to change careers aren’t the only factors that you need to consider. Most importantly, you need to do your homework so that you fully know what you are going into before you quit your job. When doing your research, consider things such as the salary perks, work flexibility, on the job trainings and if it’s possible to further your studies while at work. You can also take your research further to check how the industry the company you intend to switch to is generally performing; if the industry is in a free flow, it’s advisable to wait a bit until such a time that it rises to its feet.

Hear the Views of Other People

In order to get a better understanding of your ‘new’ job, it’s advisable that you take your time to talk and engage with other people already working at the company. When you talk with the people who have been working there for some time, you get a better insight into the operations as well as the organizational culture of the company. Sometimes, you will realise that what you thought was the ‘perfect’ company is by no means perfect, in fact, your current job will be much better.

Assess Your Experience 

Most companies prefer to lower risks and one way of doing this is to hire people who have done the job before. Hiring experienced people entails that the company spends way less in terms of trainings. Therefore, your dream job/career may be hard to get if your work experience does not match with what the hiring company is looking for. In the end, you will realise that you end up spending quite a long time out of employment once you quit your job and the switch to the dream job backfires.

Always Build a Bridge 

In life, you ought always to be someone who builds rather than burn bridges after crossing. This is applies when you are planning a career change. What this simply entails is that you need to leave on good terms when you decide to quit. This, therefore, affords you an opportunity to return if your plans to settle in a new role in a new field fails.


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