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3 Powerful Benefits of Bellow Covers and Why You Need Them in Your Factory

Bellow covers are very instrumental in different factory applications. One of the benefits these items offer include equipment protection from contaminants and liquid. Additionally, metal plates may be attached to bellows when they are exposed to light chip environments. Apart from that, there are fabric bellows which are produced using materials of high quality. In factory applications, it is important to remember that the bellows can be configured for different requirements.  They can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or even in a cross-rail direction to assist with machine protection. The different factory machines which utilize bellows include plasma cutters, laser cutters, measuring machines, water jets, milling machines, lift tables, and lathes. In addition to protecting these machines from contaminants, bellows help with machine movement by offering little resistance. Moreover, bellows are the best solution in which stability, shape, and material can be customized individually. To understand more about the application of bellow covers, here are their benefits in detail.

1. Prevent Leakages

Rubber bellows covers such as the sewn bellows are usually designed and manufactured using heavy-duty fabric coated with an elastomer. In severe industrial applications, liquid coating is usually added to the seams so as to extend life. This process helps in reducing the limiting the exposure of the thread to the environment as well as helping to prevent any forms of moisture leakages. The good thing about bellows is that they are available in varying sizes and shapes (oval, rectangular, round, strip-type and more). They are also manufactured from different materials which are selected to match the application for which they are designed.

2. High-Temperature Applications

The bellow covers are also suitable for use during high-temperature applications. These types of bellows are usually characterized by a high tensile strength as well as a long service life. The good thing about most high-temperature bellows is that they can be utilized in very aggressive operating conditions. They are ideal for use in industrial plants, printing industry, automobile industry, ball screw cover applications. Other features of the high-temperature bellows include radiant heat resistance of up to 900° C, resistance to basic chemicals including acid, ozone/Ultra-violent resistance, tear strength, extreme durability, and optimal PTFE coating on the inside and outside of bellows.

3. Machine Protection

There are some bellows which are perfectly designed to cover and offer protection to linear rails and machine ways. A good example of this is the heat-sealed bellows. This item is beneficial for factory application as it can be utilized in both light and medium-duty environment. As a result of this, the bellows can be used to protect the machine from light abrasives, small particles, occasional oil, or even chips. For increased protection, heat-sealed bellows may be transformed into Gordillo way cover which is made possible by attaching protective stainless steel to each convolution top.


The bellow covers are ideal for different industrial applications given the numerous benefits they offer. For instance, these devices can be used in preventing leakages, protecting machines, and ensuring longevity during high-temperature applications. You may consider one or more of these items for your machine’s protection.


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