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6 Interesting Ways to Grow Your Small Business Over the Next Year

You have a successful local small business with high-profit margins and an extensive customer base. The next step is scaling your business and opening it to new markets. The right tools and techniques give you everything you need to expand nationally or even internationally. Scaling your business helps you achieve greater success and creates a legacy for your family. Here are 6 interesting ways to grow your small business over the next year.

1. Use a Cloud-Based Customer Management System

A cloud-based customer management system gives you immediate access to sales records. More importantly, you track all transactions quickly. You scale your company by learning more about your customers and serving their needs. Reviewing the products they buy shows you which customers are more likely to buy similar products in the future. Products that customers use every day need replenishment orders. Tracking the orders shows you the best time to send email marketing details about the product or related options.

2. Creating a Sales Funnel

Create a sales funnel by identifying prospects helps you find high-quality customers faster. Start by asking questions related to your business. For example, if you have a pet grooming shop, answer these questions. Do you know someone who has pets? Do your friends take their pets to the groomer often? Do their pets have long-hair and shed frequently? The answers are the key to finding customers quickly.

You also find qualifying customers by using polls on social media. Use sales funnel fundamentals to attract the customers to your website and present a special offer on one of your products.

Use a mid-range product and not the most expensive to encourage the shoppers to buy it. Use social media to drive traffic to the website, get the visitors on your email marketing list. You continue to interact with the potential customers to keep them informed and entice them more.

3. Webinars and Video Productions

Webinars and video productions are invaluable ways to promote and scale your business. The webinars have a greater outreach and encourage more visitors to attend. The key to a successful webinar is to provide valuable information and teach consumers something new. The series captivates the audience and attracts a wider audience.

Video productions are useful for offering more information about your company on your website or connecting webpages. The productions give visitors the details they need and help them decide if they are ready to buy your product. You discover new ways to use these tools scale and improve your company through opportunities, such as INFIX.

4. Expand Your Sales Internationally

A responsive e-commerce website helps you sell your products overseas. Expanding into international territory gives you nearly limitless sales potential. Research each company were you want to sell the products first. The findings show you where higher populations of your target demographic live. It indicates where legalities apply, too. Excluding countries where your products are prohibited prevents issues down the road.

5. Use Automation Techniques and Tools

Automation techniques and tools give you fast data about your website. It shows you the total number of visitors and how long they visited your website. It indicates you how many sales match your target demographic. The products give you a dashboard that helps you collect reports about how often your customers buy products and which items sell the fastest.

Automation strategies include email marketing options, too. Customers who opt-in for email marketing and information give their consent for you to email them any ads and literature about your products. Introducing customers to your products more proactively attracts more traffic and increases conversion rates.

Business growth and expansion is the next step for successful business owners. The step helps you achieve your full potential in your industry and create a brighter future for your family and your workers. It also improves your odds of succeeding with new ventures you start in the future. Following careful techniques and strategies for scaling your business in one year helps you achieve your full potential sooner and maximizes the benefits of your efforts.

6. Host Events

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have used virtual events to engage their audiences and drive sales. As restrictions are gradually lifted, now’s the perfect opportunity to put on a real ‘in-person’ event! According to Bizzabo, ‘

‘97% of B2B marketers believe that in-person events have a major impact on achieving business outcomes.’ Additionally, ‘62.7% of event marketers are planning to resume in-person events in 2021.’ 

There’s lots to think about when you’re putting on events, from the theme to the guest speakers or entertainment. It’s best to start planning your event well in advance. You’ll need to think about audience engagement and create a winning marketing strategy. Then there are the basics to consider, from catering options to toilet facilities. If you’re putting on an outdoor event, companies like let loos offer some affordably priced facilities.



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