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Stretching Your Resources:

5 Types of Branded Products You Can Re-Use at the Next Company Networking Event

A big part of business is managing your resources effectively. Only the biggest companies have a enough funds to not really worry about wastage, and even for them, wastage can be the difference between continued dominance or being surpassed by an up and comer. It’s a tough world out there and none of your rivals are going to cut you any slack, so it’s important to stay on top of the details yourself.

Networking is another important part of business. Whether your aim is to land new contracts, gain new customers, or to get a better deal from your suppliers, networking is always going to be a big part of it. Even with existing business partners, it’s important to network properly and maintain a good relationship.

Using branded goods at these events is a no-brainer, but then the question of resources comes back. Do you really want to buy all new stuff every time? I didn’t think so. To help, here are some branded products which you could re-use!


Going with the clothing might seem like an easy pick but you’d be surprised how many people give out branded t-shirts or clothing for an event, then write it off as a loss. These same people will often end up buying their staff members the same clothing item many times over – all because they didn’t bother to ask all those staff to just keep the first top and reuse it. This is great for people who need extra work-out shirts, but not for the company.

Posters & Flyers

If you get new posters, flyers and leaflets for all of your events, the cost will add up. Printing services can end up costing a lot because orders tend to be for high quantities, so it would be nice to cut this expense. The best option is to get some high quality versions made up the first time, along with some spares, then just keep on reusing them. Look after them well and they’ll last a lot longer too.

Background Signage & Stands

The same rules apply to signs and stands as to posters/flyers. Sometimes a sign or stand will be custom made to fit somewhere, but that doesn’t mean it has to be thrown away. Put it into storage if needed. You never know when the sign might still be useful and eventually you’re going to have a small variety of sizes, so you should be good in most situations – even if the sizes aren’t quite perfect, the different might not even get noticed.

Water Bottles & Jugs

It’s always polite to have water on hand, especially at an event which could go on for a couple of hours (or more!). A great touch is to use branded jugs or water bottles to store it all. These can just be washed and reused like a normal bottle/jug, but the branded touch will stand out and be easily noticed.

Storage Boxes & Carry Cases

This tip basically applies to anything which is going to be used to carry, hold or transport other items. You can reuse this type of item plenty of times anyway, so you might as well spend a little up front for branded versions. Then you can just whip them out for any events you have and voila!

It also looks a lot more professional to be using branded cases rather than generic ones. There is a limit on the branding though, don’t go so far that your briefcases are marked up – especially if you work in a formal field. Branding is about hitting the products you would usually have in the office, not personal items being brought from home.


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