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A Key Element in Business Growth: Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is the equivalent of job satisfaction but from the perspective of an employer. While market capitalization, analysis, increased productivity, and targeted marketing are some of the many elements which are considered key to a business’s successful and sustained growth, employee satisfaction is an equally important, but often overlooked element.

To understand the impact of employee satisfaction on a business’s growth, read on as we get into the subject, as well as providing viable methods to boost workplace satisfaction in your establishment.

Does It Really Matter and How So?

If we could do it all on our own, no sane businessman would ever hire a single employee! However, it is impossible for any sizable business to function without employees and if you have plans to grow, the number of employees will grow as well, to manage the extra work. Therefore, the question is, how will you grow beyond your current capacity if your own employees do not feel motivated about it?

If the workers are not happy working for you, the performance of the business will not be as fruitful as it could be. Unless you reach maximum productivity with your current workforce and resources, you cannot expect to grow your business beyond its current status without incurring irreparable losses.

A group of motivated and satisfied employees, on the other hand, will feel like they are a part of the institution and, therefore, even a small group will put in the extra effort necessary to see their company flourish beyond what it is right now.

This is a simple matter of workers being able to associate themselves with the business and believing themselves to be a part of the organization. Even a large staff will not be motivated to perform in their full capacity if they feel dissatisfied and disgruntled with the management.

Experienced Employee Retention is Necessary for Growth

If your most experienced and skilled employees start to leave the second they can, how will you bring about growth in the business?

You will have to hire someone else who cannot possibly be as experienced in the workings of your company as the previous, experienced worker was. As a result, your efforts towards growth are stunted each time someone leaves your company because they are dissatisfied with the workplace environment in general or their personal treatment.

Dissatisfied Employees Create Dissatisfied Customers

Every time a customer or potential customer has to deal with a worker who carries your company name and represents it with the same resentment that he/she has for that name, you are gaining a bad reputation with the clients/customers as well.

In order for a business to grow, it needs new customers, so it doesn’t help at all if even the present ones are dissatisfied and leaving! Therefore, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are closely related and the combined result of the two affects a business’s growth potential tremendously.

How Can You Bring about Employee Satisfaction?

The list is vast, and the exact measures will vary depending on the nature of the business and the department in question, but there are still a few common elements that every employer stands to gain by implementing them in his/her own workplace. Key areas include ensuring a healthy and comfortable work environment, proper safety measures, a respectful code of conduct in the office, proper goal setting, acknowledgment for achievements, and entertainment.

Something as simple and yet as healthy as an office sparkling water machine or a flavored water dispenser can make a huge difference in both the physical and psychological wellbeing of your employees. Couple those machines up with a hygienic and economic cafeteria and you have a winning strategy on your hands!

Bevi has a whole range of commercial water cooler machines available for businesses of any size to install in their offices and provide their employees with clean, tasty, flavored water, made from actual fruit essence with zero calories in them, rather than containing artificial sweeteners and hundreds of calories like soft drinks usually do.

The flavored water dispenser machines not only keep the employees happy and hydrated throughout the work day, but they are also a very economical way to satisfy your employees, as compared to taking them all out for frequent dinners on the house.

Besides, a Bevi office sparkling water machine provides refreshment and satisfaction on a daily basis, making it even a more productive measure than occasional, costly dinners. Instead, just improve the quality of the daily food available in your cafeteria to win hearts.

Finally, goal setting is also extremely important in maintaining employee satisfaction. It is the duty of the immediate managers and higher-ups to make sure that when an employee is given a definite target to fulfill, it is actually achievable in a practical scenario where the market condition, experience, and skill of each individual worker is also taken into account. Unrealistic and inadequate goal setting is a prime reason for employee dissatisfaction, especially in the sales and marketing department.


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