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Bank Holiday blowout

Drink and diet swaps and advice to stay on track this weekend

  • Diet expert, Terri-Ann Nunns, shares advice on how to not overindulge at BBQs, when ordering a takeaway or eating out
  • Some alcoholic drinks contain 400 calories – here are the best swaps you can make 

Sometimes it seems as though our social calendars are designed to sabotage our good intentions. It’s just been Easter, a weekend filled with chocolate and BBQs in the sunny weather, and now May has arrived and there’s two bank holiday weekends in one month. It might seem impossible to stay on track and still enjoy yourself, but by following diet expert Terri-Ann Nunn’s advice, you’ll find it is possible to have fun without sabotaging your diet.

Terri-Ann Nunn’s, founder of Terri-Ann’s Diet Plans, said: “Bank Holidays are great for socialising, especially if the sun is shining, but typically our plans are centred around eating and drinking, which can be difficult if you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether that’s a BBQ with the family, evening dinner with the girls or a boozy blowout weekend, whatever your plans – they can be calorific.

“However, there are some really simple swaps you can make and different things you can do to help yourself make healthier choices, whilst importantly still allowing yourself a treat and a fun weekend!”

Use simple food tips to stay on track

Bank holidays can be a minefield when it comes to eating healthily, with plenty of social occasions and tempting treats to lead you astray. Try these pain free tips to lower your calorie intake while still getting to enjoy the fun.

Bank Holiday BBQs 

  • Ditch the bread: burgers and hot dogs all come accompanied with some form of bread roll. Bread is a starchy carb which makes you feel full and often bloated. Steering clear of this can significantly reduce your calorie intake.
  • Go easy on the dressings: there are so many condiments on offer at a BBQ, but this is where unwanted calories creep in. Mayonnaise has a shocking 94 calories per tbsp, ranch dressing has 73 and salad cream has 50. If you do like a dressing with your food, opt for BBQ sauce with just 29 calories per tbsp, ketchup which has 19 or sweet chilli sauce which has just 15.
  • Try and make things yourself: anything pre bought from a shop such as coleslaws, dips and salads are generally higher in calories and fat than anything you make at home. If you have time, make your own sides so that you can be sure there’s no unwanted calories.

Takeaway treats 

  • Avoid sauces: If you’re ordering an Indian or a Chinese, try to avoid anything that is heavy in sauce, especially creamy ones. Opt for a dish that mainly consists of meat, such as chicken tikka or tandoori chicken, and steer clear of anything that comes with a sauce.
  • Steer clear of sides: this is often where people tend to over order and therefore, overeat. Try to avoid getting side dishes as they can really see your calorie intake pile up. If you do want something to accompany your meal opt for veg or share something with a friend.
  • Avoid a carb slump: anything carb based such as pizza, pasta and breads are best to avoid. They will leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable and are also very calorific.

Eating out 

  • Steer clear of all you can eat: Buffets make it all too easy to overeat, with the fixed price making many of us feel we need to eat as much as possible to ensure we get our money’s worth. Try to avoid these types of restaurants to ensure you won’t be tempted to overindulge just because it’s there!
  • Look for the lighter dishes: most popular restaurants offer dishes that are under 500 calories, which can be a great way to enjoy a dinner out without extra calories.
  • Eat slowly: Often when we eat out, we get a bit carried away and over order and overeat. Eat mindfully and slowly, ensuring you chew your food and take a break in between eating. This will ensure you don’t get to a point where you’re too full and end up feeling sluggish and bloated.


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