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Tips When Expanding Your Business Footprint

If you are looking to expand your business footprint, then first of all congratulations is in order for being involved in a company that is growing in size.  This, however, can be a daunting task as the dilemma on how to do this can have many different consequences.  Some people may decide to do this via rental or others may go the extra mile and actually construct a building.  Whatever the decision, time needs to be taken out in advance to explore the different options.

Construct An Extension 

If you are looking to physically build an extension then, first of all, you will require to ensure you have the correct land, the correct planning permission and funding to do this.  If you have the land and also the planning permission in place then you will then have the dilemma as to how to actually build the extension.  Depending on what it is you are actually looking to do with the extension, there will be many different options on the material type you use which can include bricks, steel or even wood.  One of the popular materials that is being used more commonly is steel.  This is seen as high quality and easy to install, especially thanks to companies like Armstrong Steel who provide kits so people can build them at home without any professional help.

Steel building prices are also calculated by weight making it pretty easy to anticipate the cost of your full project in advance if you know the dimensions of what you are constructing.  The steel buildings take minimum effort to construct compared to brick and wood and the materials are easy to source.  These can also be purchased in packs to ensure that you get everything delivered in one go!

Rent An Area

Another option could be to rent an extension building.  There are some benefits to this which include clearly the pace you can move into the new building but also the accountability of what happens if things go wrong then lie with the building owner to help fix.  This could be electrics but also building maintenance.  Depending on the type of building it is and the actual location, this could prove to be an expensive option.  There are many different companies that offer rentals, therefore, be sure not to jump into the first one.  Make sure that you also discuss the advertised price in detail and look to haggle and get some money removed from this.

Planning Permission

As mentioned above, the planning permission element of building an extension is essential as if this is rejected at the beginning you can kiss goodbye to your plans.  There are many different reasons why planning permission would be rejected which include environmental but could be as simple as the neighbours in this area have raised issues.  This could be really simple and what seem petty reasons however they have a voice and their objections are taken into consideration.  Some people take the risk and start to build without the correct approvals in place which could clearly be costly if it is thereafter rejected.

Make sure to take on board these tips for your business expansion.


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