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How to Decide if a Conference is Worth Attending

Conferences can be a great asset for your company. You and the team can learn so much from them and apply whole new set of skills in your working lives. They can also act as an opportunity for you to network with other people in the industry. However, there are a number of factors which can impact whether or not a conference is worth attending. So how do you know it’s worth going?


One of the main things to take into consideration is the information which will be provided at the conference. Ask yourself whether it’s relevant to your business. What will your team learn from this? You can research the speakers who will be there – their expertise and what they’ve previously discussed at conferences – which could help make up your mind. When reading about what the conference will entail you need think whether the information is new and how much it can help your team.

Staff Availability

You’re also going to think about when the conference is taking place and what the staff availability is like. If it’s taking place during a particularly busy time for your workplace, you and the team need to prioritise meeting your deadlines. Your company’s productivity and output is much more important than attending a conference. It also depends on the size of your team and how many of them would be able to make it. Whether it’s a small or large team you want to make all of the relevant people can attend. It can be hard to navigate this so make sure you communicate with your colleagues.


Location plays a big factor, too. If the conference is local and manageable for everyone to get to, that’s much easier than everyone traveling up and down the country. However if the conference is far away, but all other factors would work for the team you don’t have to rule it out. Private jet hire is the way forward for company travel.  The more people involved, the more money it saves so it’s definitely worth considering for those long distance business trips.


Essentially you need to think about all of the above and then figure out the cost. It’s going to cost the business money either way simply down to the fact you’re losing people for a working day or two. But if you believe the benefits outweighs the cost for your business, that’s a good sign to go ahead and get it booked in.

Conferences can be prime time for a business to meet new people and gain new skills, but there are so many that happen throughout the year it’s not always worth it. What helps make up your mind when you’re debating attending a conference?


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