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Employee Engagement

Why Ongoing Employee Engagement is Pivotal to Retaining Staff

If your business is experiencing a high staff turnover rate, it could be down to employee engagement. Keeping your employees happy and engaged is key to ensuring they stay loyal to the business. So, how can you go about improving employee engagement and why does it matter?

Why is Employee retention important?

Not sure why you should focus on employee retention? It’s common for businesses to overlook the importance of retaining their staff. After all, if they leave, they can just be replaced right? Well, technically yes, but have you thought about the cost it’s having on your business?

It doesn’t just cost a lot of money to hire and train up new employees, it also disrupts your services. If employees aren’t engaged, they’re not only going to be less productive on the job, but they’re also going to be looking for replacement opportunities where they will feel engaged. So, how can you ensure you’re providing ongoing employee engagement?

Use regular engagement surveys

There are lots of ways you can enhance engagement, but surveys are one of the best. Each year, you should assess each employee based upon their level of engagement and performance. This will allow you to see which employees are lacking in engagement. By monitoring performance, you can then see where changes may need to be made.

As well as these annual engagement surveys, you could also go a step further. Giving your employees regular surveys to complete to see how they feel engagement could be improved upon is a great idea. That way, you aren’t guessing what your employees want, they’ll actually be telling you.

Reward good performance

A sure-fire way to boost employee engagement, is to reward good performance. These don’t have to be huge rewards. You could take the team out for drinks on the company, or a meal out somewhere nice. Days off to partake in team building exercises can also help to boost morale, as well as help your teams to bond. Again, you could always ask your employees what types of rewards they’d prefer if you’re really stuck for ideas.

Ensure you’re providing on-going training

The majority of employees are looking for a chance to progress within the job. So, if they aren’t provided with ongoing training or opportunities to progress, they’re going to leave and head to one of your competitors. If you don’t currently offer training, now’s the time to introduce it.

Following the tips above will help you to boost employee engagement and retain them. The happier your employees are, the less likely it is they will want to leave. Even if you just follow one tip above, it’s going to make a huge difference to your business.


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