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Summer Sales

How To Increase Your Online Sales During Summer

Summer is finally here – but while everyone is happy about the weather, entrepreneurs are worried about their sales.

A lot of businesses face a sales dump during the summer months. People are out on the beach enjoying the weather and while the temperatures are rising, the sales numbers are falling. But there are some ways to take advantage of summer as it’s a good time to look at new ways of growing your income streams and improving your business strategy. With the right coping strategy, you can use the summer to set yourself ahead of your competitors.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Summer is the time to communicate and interact with your customers as they often have more time than during the rest of the year. For example, you could host a Social Media contest with a summer theme and a nice giveaway. Besides it being a great way to engage customers and increase your page views, it will also create a good reputation for your business.

Improve Your Website

Your website is your virtual business card and should always remain state of the art. During summer, when the website has less traffic, it is the perfect time to adopt some changes and improve usability as well as visibility.

These days, a big challenge to manufacturers is to always be available to the customers. The smaller the business, the greater the challenge to answer all customer quests. Therefore, it can be helpful to implement a chatbot to your eCommerce. Statistics show that chatbots are on the rise and in 2020 they will handle around 85 percent of customer service interaction worldwide. If you haven’t considered it yet, you should definitely look into integrating a chatbot to your business. They never leave a client’s request unanswered as they are available 24/7 and their company during the check-out process can lead to less abandoned carts.

Plan Ahead

Summer is the perfect time to plan campaigns or promotions that you want to realize later in the year. Sales structure, communications, and all details should be ready at least three months before they are due to be implemented. Starting in summer, you will have a lot of time to research and get feedback for your ideas. It goes without saying that you will avoid being stressed about leaving things until the last minute.

Automate your Business Operations

While planning your next campaigns, you should also have a look at how you can improve your business operations. Even as a small company, you should come up with an efficient production planning strategy. A proper production schedule is key to making your manufacturing process flow with maximum efficiency, as it helps you to fulfill orders without interruptions or delay.

Target alternative customers

One way to step up your business game is to target an entirely new group of clients. With some research, you might find that you could widen your target group easily and that you haven’t used all of your business’ potential yet. To attract these new potential clients, you might have to diversify your product. Instead of offering just one version, you could try offering different colors, types, sizes, or the option of personalizing it.


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