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Beauty Cards

The Value of Beauty Cards for Your Business

If you buy cereal or household products, odds are that it comes in a square or rectangular box. They’ll come in different colors, sizes and patterns, but the packaging is designed to protect the product and maximize shipping efficiency.

The beauty industry is a little different. Here, you will find lotions and makeup encased in containers that come in a wide variety of shapes. Orbs sit beside fancy fluted glass sculptures, while hexagonal and octagonal boxes are not unknown. The shape of the container may be as much a part of the brand identity as the color pattern and brand name on the container. This means that it is hard to change the packaging in any way, because it is too integral to literal brand recognition.

How then can you promote various points about the product? How can you then label the product as being sold by you? The solution is simple — beauty business cards. Furthermore, there are other cases where business cards are the only practical option for those working in the fashion and beauty industry.

Labeling the Items You’re Selling

Are you selling beauty products at a flea market? Taping your business card to every beauty product allows you to sell the products to fans while giving them your contact information. Do you sell scarves, hats, or jewelry in addition to makeup and other beauty products? You could incorporate a version of your business card into the product tag. Alternatively, you could simply slip your business card into every bag full of products you’ve just sold.

If you are building gift baskets for clients, include your business cards in the gift basket. Now the gift recipient has your contact information if they want to buy more of any of the beauty products. Another strategy is including your business card in any envelopes containing your gift cards or vouchers. Then the gift recipient has the information required to contact you to take advantage of the gift card

Promoting Your Products or Services

You’ve struck up conversation with someone at a party or other social event. You mention that you sell the products that they’re looking for. Let’s be honest. Most of them will not remember your full name later that day. Fewer will remember a web address or slogan. The simplest solution is to give them your business card during the discussion. Then they have your name, line of business, contact information, and website in one easy to reference document. It is less obtrusive than a flyer, and you can carry many of them around in your wallet or purse.

Don’t forget to give everyone coming to an educational seminar or makeover copies of your business card. It is a discrete way to promote yourself to the daughter while giving Mom a makeover. It is a good way to quickly advertise your business to the wedding party while giving the bride her makeover before the wedding. If you send thank you cards to your clients, include a business card that they’re likely to keep for future reference. Another tactic is including your business card in any order that is shipped to your customers. You may not be able to afford personally branded packaging, but you can tape your business card to the outside of the box.
Insert the business card in the package, since you want to ensure that the receiver has one that they keep.

They Can Supplement Your Digital Marketing

A smart way to utilize business cards in the beauty and fashion industry is to integrate them into your digital marketing. For example, when you set up a lovely display in a store, include an easily read business card. Then take a picture of it and post it on social media. Now you’ve tapped into the appeal of rich images for online marketing, but the picture includes your name, website address, and contact information. Anyone who shares pictures of the array of beauty products by definition shares your contact information. When it can be tactfully done, try to do the same when doing makeovers or working at various events. For example, you could stand with your clients behind a table that prominently shows a stack of your business cards. When
they take that picture and share it as a status update, all their friends know how to reach you to request the same products or services.


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