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Tyre Care Tips

Effective car care & tyre tips for business owners

Running a business is not an easy thing. No matter it is a new business set up or you have an established business model, road travel is something that cannot be overlooked. Business meetings, checking up on the storage facilities, travelling for networking – there are so many aspects that require you to be on the road. Just imagine getting late for a meeting and having an unexpected car breakdown! It is the worst nightmare and the stress will really get to your head. In order to avoid this from happening, you need to pay special attention to your car tyres and perform some simple steps – so your vehicle never lets you down.

  • Be aware of your tread depth

It doesn’t matter what type of tyres you have (fancy or basic) – having the right tread depth is mandatory because it saves you from penalties by road police. If you are not sure about your tread depth you can always take your vehicle for a routine check-up, once a month.

  • Choose speciality tyres like winter tyres

Being an entrepreneur, you want to save your time. So why not get speciality tyres which are designed to provide you the best outcome. For example winter tyres are effective when you have to travel on slippery roads. They have a natural type of rubber in them which doesn’t harden as the temperature drops.  If you are hunting for a good tyre provider you can find new winter tyre collection at DAT TYRES.

  • Check your tyre health

Extended use of bad tyres will ultimately have adverse effects. Tyres are the only thing in your vehicle which hold you to the ground. Worn out tyres don’t have enough grip on the road and your car can spin around. Getting the right tyres can be confusing but there are many experts who can guide you based on your car’s condition and also your driving patterns.



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