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Private Detective

Tapping into the rising demand for private investigators 

 The demand for private investigators is on the rise, its popularity expected to continue into the new decade. John Moore, founder of Westminster Security, a private security and investigations company based in central London, discusses the variety of requests flooding into the sector, from large corporations investigating fraud through to individuals who suspect their partner is cheating. 

The world of private investigating is often seen as exciting and unpredictable, however there are many considerations to make when deciding who to employ and what services to seek. Experience, dedication and discretion is extremely important in a private investigator as you are not only placing your trust in their hands but opening up your private life to them. Some operatives may have strong backgrounds in the Government Intelligence services, the Police and Military, so it is important to know who will be working on your case to confirm they are a good fit.  

Since the private investigating industry in the UK is unregulated, it is important to opt for a professional investigator that values their reputation and takes pride in their work. It’s also worth opting for someone who is registered with the Association of British Investigators. Employing a ‘Sherlock Holmes wannabe’ probably won’t get you the results you’re looking for but is likely to leave you underwhelmed with a large hole in your pocket. 

The range of cases a private investigator sees in a short amount of time inevitably keeps them on their toes. One week they might be dealing with a large international corporation, helping them to avoid fraud, whilst the next week they could be gathering evidence for matrimonial related court cases. Interestingly, at Westminster Security, over 80% of our private investigations are concerned with the latter, with most cases regarding suspected cheating partners.  

I’m often asked about private investigation techniques? Typically, they’ll use covert cameras, microphones and vehicle tracking devices, as well as social media and open source intelligence gathering. These methods are unique to the twenty-first century that can be used to help find and locate subjects, confirm or deny any suspicions, or gather evidence for impending court cases. Whilst using social media is an extremely easy way to find out information and can be done quickly anywhere, nothing beats old fashioned ‘boots on the ground’ surveillance to catch the suspect in the act. 

Every investigation is very different with its own challenges; it is rare that private investigators are caught off guard or surprised these days. One particularly memorable case involved a suspected cheating partner who we found to be working as a crossdressing escort on the weekends! There are no surprises in private investigating and nothing is impossible to uncover…providing you know where to look. 

About the author: 

John Moore is the founder and Managing Director of Westminster Security Ltd. A former Royal Military Policeman, Soldier and Bodyguard. He is a professional Investigator registered and approved by the Association of British Investigators. Westminster Security is a leading independent private security and investigations company based in central London. Providing bespoke services in high-end guarding, private investigations, surveillance and close protection. For more information visit: 










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