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Careers which involve helping others

Finding a job that you not only love but also find rewarding is no mean feat- especially if you have a passion for helping others, but there are a wealth of opportunities out there besides the obvious careers in medicine and teaching, that could be perfect for you.

The health sector

Becoming a doctor or nurse isn’t the only career in which you can put your caring skills to good use. Physiotherapists are a vital part of anyone’s recovery after illness or injury and is perfect if you enjoy the science behind pain and injury.

The health and fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK and provides countless career opportunities for those who want to help people become healthier and fitter.

Nutritionists and personal trainers both help people with their health but require different skill sets.

Caring for the young, elderly and vulnerable

If you have a passion for helping young minds develop becoming a teacher or teaching assistant might be the career path for you.

Perhaps you want to help vulnerable children and young adults, in which case a job as social worker where you are able to have a positive impact on a young life could be ideal for you.

Similarly, as our life expectancy gets longer, the need for carers for the elderly has increased and is fast becoming one of the most undersubscribed sectors despite the growing demand.

Serving to protect

Year on year, the UK’s population is growing, which means there are more and more people that require protection. This can be in the form of working for the police force, the ambulance and fire service- who protect people on a daily basis from others and themselves. This can be a highly rewarding profession for those who thrive in high pressure environments.

Similarly for those who enjoy protecting others from injustice becoming a solicitor and helping people with professional negligence for example is perfect for those who enjoy helping people through often difficult and upsetting times.

Helping people with their confidence

Alongside the health and fitness industry, the beauty industry is one of the largest in the UK and is responsible for one in every 60 jobs. The beauty sector is perfect for those who thrive on making people feel their best.

The beauty industry has three distinct service areas: holistic treatments, beauty treatments and hair services.

Each service area provides clients with a different experience but the overarching aim of improving self-esteem and overall well-being.

This industry is ideally suited to someone who enjoys spending one-on-one time with clients and building up a strong rapport.

Careers that involve helping others are often the most rewarding- regardless of which career path you choose make sure it’s one you are passionate about.


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