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How to claim your future in the Age of the Millennial 


Sean Purcell 

The millennial generation is so often misrepresented not only within traditional media outlets, but even within our everyday discussions. Stereotypically, millennials are considered entitled, work-shy and self-obsessed, but as more research becomes apparent, this is not grounded in fact. Sean Purcell is determined to bust these myths and demonstrate the abundance of skills millennials offer. Within his new book MillenniALL, Sean encourages the reader to own their millennial status, take action and claim their future; in fact, the skills of millennials are exactly what society needs. 

With the constant stream of information and rise of social media, too often there is great pressure for millennials to feel that they ought to have it all and achieve early and quickly. However, Sean is eager to reassure the reader that it is ok to not be an amazing overnight success and offers 7 helpful strategies to drive towards success.  


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