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Owls To Peacocks:

50 High Profile Club Entrepreneurs And Their Success Stories 


Rafael dos Santos 

The media coverage of migrant entrepreneurs who emigrate to the UK is often littered with misconceptions that can damage the public perception of these incredibly valuable business people. Rafael Dos Santos is determined to debunk these misconceptions within his new book in which 50 High Profile Club Entrepreneurs share their personal tales of their success journeys to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs that all challenges can be overcome. From Owls to Peacocks aims to provide the reader with the skills needed to succeed in contemporary society. Each contributor shares their own personal business journey, including their struggles, their triumphs and their top tips on how to grow a business.  

This book offers the readers 50 different stories from entrepreneurs across different industries, that all define success in their own way. It is not a “quick fix” book, instead it demonstrates the importance of resilience and determination in business and the struggles, challenges and achievements that entrepreneurs encounter when growing their own business.  


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