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The Entrepreneur Paradox: The Easy Way To Achieve Balance And Wealth 

The Easy Way To Achieve Balance And Wealth 

Sandro Heitor 


If you’re struggling to find your path and your purpose in life, then The Entrepreneur Paradox is for you. Successful entrepreneur Sandro Heitor has distilled his knowledge and experience into a blueprint for success that can enable anyone to truly fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams.  

Sandro Heitor is a seasoned property entrepreneur and director of Trio Maintenance Ltd. Originally from Portugal, Sandro moved to London with his mum and dad and when he was only 4, they found themselves homeless. It is these experiences that inspired him to dream big.  

Sandro was inspired to write this book after nearly experiencing bankruptcy when attempting to achieve financial freedom. Now, he understand sthat failure is often necessary in order to understand the definition of success. Chasing something that is meaningless can often result in you in you losing yourself. The moment you apply meaning to what it is you are trying to achieve, you will understand what it is to be successful.  


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