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4 Ways To Master Your Next Expo And Expand Your Customer Base

Attending an expo can be incredibly daunting. You’re under immense pressure to make it a lucrative few days and you have to deal with loads of people who could, with the right touch, turn into clients. It goes without saying that you need to stand out. As each stallholder brings more tactile displays, more freebies, and brighter colors, you’re probably wondering what you can bring that’s fresh and different. Here are four ways to be bold and forget the frills: 

  1. Bring Your Craziest Ideas

Leading up to the expo you probably have some wild and crazy ideas. Maybe you should wear a jester costume and juggle, or toss candy into the crowd and call out to passersby? You can even involve the public by inviting them to skip rope or a ‘toss a ball-in-the-hoop’ competition or a juggling contest with corporate gifts and promotional products as prizes. As the day gets closer, the thought of going through with it dwindles down. What if no one participates? What if you look ridiculous? There’s a fine line between a jester and a fool. Here’s a trick though – your boldest move is your most powerful artillery. Challenge yourself to ignore the insecurities and the what-ifs and bring your craziest ideas to your next expo. The more daring, the more attendees will take note of your existence and trust your boldness. 

  1. Bring Your Craziest Friend

How can you make your boldest ideas highly successful? Bring an extrovert with you. Research has shown that the social tipping point requires only one daring participant. Do you have a hula hoop and some fun props you want people to enjoy? It takes one brave person to use that prop and demonstrate to others that they will not be ridiculed if they participate and that it’s fun. Before you know it – you’ll have a crowd milling around your display to play with your props. This is a little bit of social psychology and it truly works, especially if you have one loud and funky friend to act as the first participant. 

  1. Stop Handing Out Business Cards

Sounds odd, right? What if people want your business cards? Make use of an electronic business card. When someone requests your details, ask for theirs and send it to them. Firstly, you know they’re unlikely to lose your details if it’s sitting in their inbox. Secondly, you have their details, too. Thirdly, it’s environmentally friendly and promoting your interest in preserving the environment will help to win people’s trust. Collate all the email addresses you sent business cards to and send them a follow-up message a few days later. It’s incredibly effective to offer a discount to those you met at the market and it makes the ice-breaker email an easy sell. 

  1. Hand Out Corporate Gifts

Just because you’re not handing out business cards, doesn’t mean you’re not handing out anything at all. Corporate gifts and branded stationery make the perfect prizes for those who participate in the crazy ideas and the wild props you have brought along. Don’t hand out the freebies quietly, do it with voice and enthusiasm so others can see. Brand awareness is key – and this will see your brand traveling in people’s memories and pockets. 

Organization is key. You can be as outgoing as you wish and meet a plethora of interested customers, but if you don’t keep a record of important details, then you may as well as forget it. Brand your display to be as visual as possible and add loads of personality! 



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