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Tyre Care

How to Care for Your Tyres Simply and Easily

There are some tyre maintenance issues which are best left to professionals to sort out for you. For example, if you have noticed that there is a minor tear in the sidewall of your tyre, then this can be repaired but only by an expert in tyre maintenance. Equally, if you need your tyres to be realigned because the tracking on your car has got out of kilter, then you will need some specialist equipment. That said, there are plenty of day-to-day maintenance tips you can follow which will allow you to look after your tyres better and, therefore, to stay safer when you are out on the road. What are some of the most important ones?

Remove Sharp Objects

Firstly, it is a good idea to inspect the tread of your tyres every now and again for any items that may have become lodged there. If you drive over sharp shingle, for example, then it is a good idea to remove any little stones that have become trapped in the tyre tread. If you leave these glass or thorns in place, then they can work their way into the rubber which may lead to a loss of pressure and even premature ageing over time.

Inflate Your Tyres Regularly

Another important issue in terms of tyre maintenance is to simply keep your tyres pumped up properly. If you drive around on a tyre that is under-pressurised, then it will spread out on the road somewhat. Not only does this mean that you do not maintain a perfect level of grip, especially when you are cornering or braking, but it means wearing your tyres’ tread down sooner than they otherwise would. In addition, even partially flat tyres will lower your fuel efficiency so pumping them up every thousand miles or so makes a lot of sense for your pocket, as well! After all, it does not take much effort to get into the habit of checking your tyre pressure every few times you refill with fuel.

Confirm Your Tyre Tread Depth

Many drivers never bother to check whether they have sufficient tread on their tyres which can be dangerous. This is a relatively easy thing to do and it only takes a few moments. If you stick a 20 pence piece into your tyre tread and you can no longer see the rim of the coin, then this means you have sufficient tread left. However, if the rim is still exposed then the tread is not deep enough and you will need to buy a new tyre without delay. For a wide range of good quality, long lasting tyres visit Headley Tyres Thatcham today or book your tyres online now! Remember that it is no good to just do this in one place of each tyre because bald patches can occur in just one part while the rest of the tyre is fine. However, even a small bald patch makes the tyre unsafe and illegal to drive on. Bear in mind that you can purchase a gauge which makes this job even easier but 20 pence coins really do work well, regardless.



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