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Sandro Heitor

Disrupting the Property Maintenance, Construction and Development industry in London 

We are all familiar with the stereotypical perceptions of the construction industry, for example that builders are unreliable and overpriced. Sandro Heitor aims to destroy these misconceptions, hoping to create a significant impact on the construction world, by providing small traders with better opportunities.  

Explain to us how the concept of Trio works. 

Trio is a property company which operates three divisions: property maintenance, contracting and property development and works with agents, housing associations, private landlords and hotels carrying out any maintenance work. Trio was created to provide a service that did not exist in the industry, not only for clients but also providing opportunities for smaller contractors within the construction industry to gain access to these bigger contracts; it’s all about benefiting others around us and in the world.  

What makes Trio so unique? 

We are incredibly transparent in everything we do, in our maintenance division, from travel time to quoting to invoicing is timed and sent back to the customer within 24-48 hours. We use a schedule of rates, which is a detailed figure that stabilises the rates in which we charge. In these ways we overcome the typical stereotype that those in the construction industry are slow and provide unqualified quotes, especially in the maintenance division. Reactive maintenance contractors do not use SOR codes to quote. We do. 

Did your experience of homelessness as a child impact your progression to successful businessman? 

Certainly, that period of my life has continued to impact me to this day. I moved to London from Portugal with my family when I was 4 years old, living on the streets and in empty office buildings and churches until we could afford a room above a chip shop. The man who owned the chip shop once gave us three cans of coca cola for free when I had asked for one. This small act of kindness had a massive impact on me and inspired me to help others in need later down the line. It is amazing how one act of kindness, will now change the lives of millions and I am in control of that delivery. 

What is your biggest success? 

Definitely being able to give back to my parents. This is a dream for many and I’m so grateful that it’s my reality. My mum and dad would work from 6am in the morning to 8pm at night when I was growing up, so we never got to really see each other or spend quality time together. Being able to financially support them after seeing them struggle throughout my childhood to support me is the biggest success I have achieved in my eyes. 

What advice would you give to people aspiring to start their own business? 

The advice I would give to an aspiring business person would be to look after number one and don’t chase after anything that’s outside of you because everything you need and want is, usually, already in front of you. The more you work on self, the more aligned and positive the execution will be in whatever it is you are doing. Raise your vibrational energy and everything you execute, will just work. 

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