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7 Ways To Build a Healthy Home Office

Building a healthy home office is crucial if you not only want to maximize your productivity and output, but avoid negatively impacting your health as you do so. Working hard is one thing, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing your health any favors. Making a concentrated effort to create a healthy home office will ensure that you can get as much done as possible at work without burning yourself out. Here’s what to do:

  • Let In Natural Light

The first and quite possibly most easy thing to do, is let in natural light. This could mean simply opening your blinds, or it could mean investing in a window dressing that allows you to control the amount of light you let in at any given time. Natural light is a natural mood booster and can have profound effects on productivity. 

  • Make Sure The Air is Clear

Clearing the air is something you can do in a multitude of ways. First, make sure you open the window every now and again to ensure the air can circulate. Next, make sure you’re keeping the space clean so that you’re not breathing in any dust or allergens. Finally, it’s a good idea to introduce some pretty green plants. They’ll make your home office look nice, and they will also clear the air. Snake plants are easy to look after so make a great addition to any home office. 

  • Make Sure Your Chair Suits Your Working Style

You’re going to be sitting for a large portion of the day, so you need to make sure that your chair suits your working style. There’s a wide range of ergonomic office chairs out there, so you should easily be able to find one that suits your needs and working style. 

  • Invest In Some Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones can work well if you don’t have a space free from outside noises and distractions. They can help you to stay focused on your work without getting distracted by every noise. 

  • Give Yourself A Place To Be Creative 

If you have room in your home office, give yourself a little space to be creative. This could help you to come up with solutions to problems more easily, as well as let off some steam when you need a break. Have magazines, pens and paper for doodling, and anything else you think could make a good break past time. 

  • Set Clear Boundaries

Communicate with the people you live with and let them know that they can’t disturb you when you’re at work. Obviously if it’s a real emergency they can, but make sure they know what is a real emergency and what isn’t. It may help you and the people you live with to set clear working hours. 

  • Consider A Standing Desk

A standing desk can help you to avoid sitting down for hours so you burn more calories during the day, stay alert, and keep long term illness and issues caused by sitting at bay.


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