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Could You Make “Greener” Choices When It Comes To Your Business?

There’s so much focus around being greener these days. We are starting to implement a more eco-friendly approach to our homes and how we run them, and some of the larger corporations are trying to tackle the issue. We have seen companies use electric vehicles as part of their delivery, as well as teaming up with other businesses to save on processes and resources. But as a small business, can you do your bit? With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can do it.

Using virtual mail 

Sometimes when you work for yourself or you start your own business, you can have outlays that are possibly not needed in those few m,on this of trading, one could be an address so that you can have mail sent to you. Invoices, bank statements, all of which are important things. But instead of having the outlay of a business premises, and running it, you could consider a mailing address which is virtual for you. Having your mail directly sent to your inbox so that you can see things on the go saves you money, saves you time, and saves on the energy used somewhere where it isn’t needed. 

Being mindful of packing and your processes 

As an at home business, you could really consider the message you are trying to portray to your customers. If you are hoping to be a greener and more environmentally friendly operation then you need to look at the business processes you have in place. One way you can really help get your message out there and do your bit is through packaging. It might be taking a look at packaging materials or how you process the logistics side of things. Maybe using recycled materials and less packaging can help reduce what you spend and help the environment. Maybe even considering using only recyclable material so that your customers can get rid of the packaging with ease. 

Consider your at home set up

Starting out of then means that you end up working from home at first, and while this can be hugely convenient, it can also mean that your home energy bills could be on the rise. It could be worth spending time on your home setup to ensure that it is energy efficient. Maybe consider the room you work in and sit close to a window for as much natural light as possible. Remember not to leave the computer on standby, or even consider a separate shed style office in the garden that could be operated by solar energy. 

Could solar energy be the way forward

On the subject of solar energy, could you make your home power source from the sun to reduce your overall outlay, and not just the amount of energy you use for working? Solar energy is a great way to power your home and can handle electricity and even heating up your water. It could definitely help to reduce those bills overall. 

Let’s hope that some of these options help you to consider your small business and whether you could be a little more environmentally friendly. 





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