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Rewire Your Business For Success:

The 6 step method to increase profit and reclaim your freedom 

By Elena Meskhi 


We all know running your own business can be exciting, but the demands on business ownership can also be are immense and even entrepreneurs that successfully navigate the start-up years often find themselves trapped spending every available hour working. 

Rewire Your Business For Success: the 6 step method to increase profit and reclaim your freedom explains that it doesn’t have to be that way. It outlines simple steps that business owners can take to reassess their autopilot behaviours, optimise their processes and escape their ‘golden cage’ to enjoy the lifestyle and the financial freedom that they have worked hard to earn. 

Meskhi has used her expertise, experience and economics background to help many founder-owned businesses go to the next level. She sets out 6 principles, each one building on the last, that will guide the reader through a process of reviewing different aspects of their business in order to develop a strategy that will enable them to create the business and the life they want.  

Elena Meskhi has led her own business team of accountants and tax advisers since 2010 and is also a NLP Master Practitioner, so qualified to help people identify and change their habits. It is certainly a recommended read if you feel ready to step back from the operational detail of your company, and start working “on” your business rather than “in” it. 

Rewire Your Business For Success, by Elena Meskhi is out now, published by Rethink Press and priced at £11.99 


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