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In the Cloud

4 Reasons Your Business Must Move To The Cloud

The phrase “in the cloud” has become very popular among companies over the last few years, mainly due to numerous companies adopting computing technology in their day-to-day operations. A survey conducted in 2017 proposed that 88% of small and medium enterprises have initiated steps to move their operations to the cloud. At this rate, you may wonder what cloud computing means and its benefits to firms. 

Cloud computing is a technological innovation that allows the sharing of resources over the internet. It has become an essential tool in the coronavirus pandemic period, which has forced many businesses to operate virtually or from home. Are you still wondering why your business needs to enter the cloud? These reasons should convince you.

  • Data security 

In a very competitive business industry, data security has become an essential tool for staying relevant. Corporations have prized security as a very crucial aspect of their business with customers and clients demanding that their personal information is protected. Over 94% of companies have admitted to seeing improvement in their infrastructure after migrating their data to the cloud. With round-the-clock monitoring, exclusively connected passwords, dynamic lockdown, and access to various cloud framework levels, processing data via the cloud has grown to become a reliable choice concerning information security. 

  • Improved collaboration 

Cloud-based applications empower clients to store and offer on-demand access to vital organization information whenever and at any place. Cloud computing comes in handy most especially for businesses still in the development and expansion stage and those that need to keep employees connected while working from remote places. The innovation provides project monitoring and collaboration via applications while working on a solo project. Also, thousands of individuals can coordinate their activities even from different locations to offer higher profitability and productivity. 

  • Reduction in cost 

Building and operating a data centre is a cash-intensive activity. Apart from buying the right hardware, you will need to recruit the professionals to install and run the facility. This means shifting to cloud computing will prove a better alternative as you only get to pay for services rendered. Keen on how cloud computing will decrease cost in your business? You should check out AWS migration services that offer a wide range of cloud services, including cloud migration, database upgrade, apps modernization, and reliable backup services to protect businesses in the event of hacking or power outage. 

  • Flexibility and scalability 

One of the significant advantages of cloud computing is its versatility. The services offer you and your staff the flexibility to work from any place, and whether at home or on the field, the task can be completed with ease. This means you can decrease the number of people in the workspace and permit some staff to work from home to save costs. Traditionally, businesses purchase additional physical storage, servers, and licenses in anticipation of projected growth. As a result, many of these resources remain unused for a while despite the considerable investment. Instead, businesses can opt for cloud computing, which offers the same resources, and other features on-demand within minutes.



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