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Surviving the Pandemic?

Can Outsourcing Help Your Business Survive the Pandemic?

The business world has undergone huge shifts and counter-shifts in the last six months. Some businesses have survived, some have not – and some have even found a way to thrive amidst the chaos. The businesses that have thrived are those that have found ways to develop, shift, and evolve their operations in order to deal with everything the world has thrown their way. They have digitized, optimized for home working, and they have outsourced. Outsourcing can be a vital part of helping your company survive the pandemic, cutting costs, minimizing in-person contact, whilst maintaining safe, excellent standards for your business.

Cost Cutting

One of the most extolled virtues of outsourcing departments such as HR and IT is that helps to save on your expenditure. At times like these, when every penny counts, finding ways to reduce your bottom line can be key to ensuring your business survives in the long-term. Rather than paying the salary and real-estate costs of an in-house team, outsourcing these tasks means that you pay less whilst receiving round-the-clock support from neighboring businesses who are experts in their areas. If you’re looking to cut expenditure, outsourcing can be the answer you’re looking for.

Coping with Cyber Crime

An unexpected side effect of the pandemic has been a significant rise in cyber crime. Business IT support is therefore more necessary than ever. Our personal and work lives have moved almost entirely online, and digital criminals have capitalized on that, with a marked increase in email scams and hacking attempts. Part of the reason for this, alongside home-working and therefore more stretched, vulnerable systems rather than internal networks, is that businesses have been forced to quickly move operations online without necessarily preparing the requisite security. By outsourcing your IT, you can rely on an external service to quickly and efficiently upgrade your systems to cope with this new reality.

Adapting to Home Working

The adaptations that have been made to accommodate home working have been huge – and though some people have now returned to office work, many people across the globe remain working from home, through both choice and necessity. This has proven that it is possible – and outsourcing may help you capitalize on this further. An external HR department, for example, no longer suffers from not existing in the same building as your employees, now that everyone is working from home. In fact, an objective eye to oversee these changes may be an incredibly useful tool, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

A Helping Hand

If your business has had to shift in any way due to recent events, chances are you have your hands full. You may be managing changes, mitigating losses, pursuing new avenues and all the while trying to keep your business on an even keel. One benefit of outsourcing in this scenario is psychological – by delegating these tasks externally, you can take a huge weight of your mind. This, in turn, will enable you to throw your full attention towards the bigger picture.


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