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Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Strategies That are Still Effective Today

It’s hard to argue that the digital space has changed marketing forms and are still in pace with new innovative ways. But, you cannot sideline the role played by traditional marketing strategies.

These are strategies that have proven repeatedly that they can get to the customer, inform them, and convince them to make a purchase or react to the call to action—making them viable to date amidst all the new marketing trends.

Television ads

The most famous marketing strategy is through Television adverts. Do you know how TV stations make money yet you don’t pay to watch, yet the government does not man them? Advertising! All those boring commercials you often see that disrupt you from your favorite episode are what TV stations need and have to do for that dollar. And they are damn expensive! But they are the most effective means of mass marketing, and it works.

Advertising using balloons

The competition amongst businesses is rampant today and you may want to use unique and attractive techniques like inflatables to attract customers and potential leads. You can use them during a mega sale or when launching a new product or in trade shows, fairs, concerts, or sporting events.

They will make you more visible in crowded spaces, both indoors and outdoors, increasing your visibility and strengthens your brand. The best part is that they are customizable and conceivable in any shape; want an animal form, human, or an object? Have it done; however, you want as long as it makes that statement. They are easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to access, relatively affordable, durable, and hassle-free.

Print media

With digital tools like design aids, print media is no longer a primitive paper and ink affair. It’s become a traditional marketing strategy that goes hand in hand with digital techniques.

Signage – These are digital framed photos that get lighted in the dark. The lighting is what makes them noticeable. Traditionally, signage was placed only on walls, but currently, they adorn buildings, malls and shop fronts, and mobile taxis, reaching a broad audience.

Billboards – You see them everywhere from highways to hallways meaning they are still very relevant for marketing. Billboards maximize more images and fewer words. Here a picture is worth a thousand words, and the more these printed or hand-painted images are compelling, the greater the chance of raising awareness. So brace yourself as larger signs will never be overlooked, and they cannot go obsolete.

Print ads

Do you often see newspaper and magazine stand around your area? An indication that print ads are still as relevant today as they were a few decades ago. While you can view your newspaper or magazine on a digital platform, it shows that the industry has just evolved, not died.

Flyers, posters, brochures, and banners

These are the most underestimated traditional forms of marketing that can surprise you with their effectiveness. Have you ever received a business card and followed up with the contact to introduce a business to a client? If yes, then you understand the power of handouts. Also, when a business or company has offered special discounts, they use to print flyers distributed. These types of message mediums are easily absorbed and also evoke strong responses and greater reach. 

Event marketing

Unlike the traditional form of events networking that was all about dishing out business cards and gathering as much, things have changed. The game is all about making a buzz in your networking events to market your products and attract quality talent.


Telemarketing involves both outbound and inbound marketing. In telemarketing, you can either initiate the conversation with your audience or your audience, and customers can find you whenever they need you.

For outbound calling or messaging, the message should be relevant, short, and precise, displaying the information you want to rely on with minimal and easy to absorb words that can trigger a reaction. People have no time reading long texts about how superior your product is, so make it count.

When it comes to inbound, when a customer calls in, they are already interested and only want to verify or learn more to make a decision. Setting up call answering services will ensure your customers receive the information they need and most likely make a purchase.

Telemarketing has been listed as the most effective means of generating leads for Business-2-business marketing; therefore, leverage on it.

Face to face marketing

Marketers will agree that it is easier to sell face to face than through a medium. Face to face interaction is a marketing strategy that may never die as long as human interaction is still here. This is among the oldest forms of marketing, and it still works well because it offers a sense of reality, evoking a sensation and lasting memory. If you have seen, touched, or experienced the product, you will most likely be convinced of its value to you. Also, other mediums like referrals, cold calls enhance the need for face to face human interaction.


The marketing department is among the most vital department for any business or company. It’s run by marketers and salespeople who are crucial in converting prospects to solid customers. The customer care involved in persuading and helping a client decide is what keeps your company in business. They help in customer retention and convince them to stay with the brand if the client wants to leave.

Final word

Some of the traditional methods like TV and radio may be expensive for small businesses while others are quite affordable. Depending on your business level, do not strain yourself much and work with mediums within your budget to get your product known and grow your business.

While you may feel left out on the digital buzz while implementing traditional marketing strategies, note that some of these strategies have just evolved, and you can implement the digitalized versions. Regardless of the medium of marketing, make sure your message is received clearly by your target audience. That way, you will expect a response from them.



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