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Business Booths:

A Modern Solution To Office Management

In the past, cubicles dominated office spaces, dividing them up into small blocks for each person to work in. This provided ample privacy for each employee, but also made it harder for businesses to make the most of the space they have, pushing many companies to adopt a more open-plan approach to their offices.

Modern offices are often packed to the brim with desks that are only separated by small dividers. Making an office feel more open and collaborative, this is an excellent change for most work, though it can present challenges of its own when people need the chance to enjoy some privacy.

This is where the On The QT Phone Booth comes in. Designed to offer a private space within your business, the On The Qt Phone Booth is packed to the brim with features that will boost your productivity and keep your office working hard. A comfortable seat and desk make even the longest calls comfortable, while integrated lighting and power make it incredibly easy to keep your devices alive.

On The QT Phone Booths have been specially designed to fit into busy and modern workspaces. A simple yet refined design makes full use of the space you have available, all without forcing you to make compromises when it comes to your regular desks. Check out the infographic below to learn more about options like the On The QT Phone Booth.

Infographic Design By On the QT Phone Booth




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