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Increase Brand Awareness

7 Innovative Ways To Increase Your Brand Awareness As A Startup

After gaining brand recognition on the market, every business start-up still needs to create and increase its brand awareness. Brand awareness describes the extent to which your customers and target audience can recall, comprehend, and be comfortable with your brand. Your customers will promote your business when they become familiar with it. A start-up must spend time searching for new ways it can increase and gain better brand awareness. Here are some innovative methods you can use to encourage your audience to develop a close and trusting relationship with your brand.

  • Collaborate with influencers

Influencers already have a broad audience, fan base, and followers; all you have to do is pick influencers who appeal to your target market and partner with them. You may have to agree on giving them your products to use, and they will in turn take photos and videos of themselves with them. A video of them introducing their followers to your products and services where they further show them how to use and buy them will help increase the awareness of your brand. You should do some research to pick influencers who will suitably fit and exude your brand’s objectives and goals.

  • Use creative content 

The content you create should be based on your target group’s interests. Gone are the days when content for marketing only introduced the products to consumers; in current times, boring and bland content will not achieve the goal of creating awareness. It must be creatively done to resonate with and stay in the minds of the audience. Whether you are making informative or entertaining content, it should have an ingredient that sends a compelling message and hooks your target market. Your content should not just announce your brand but speak to your target group. You can try using storytelling as a way to catch and hold attention. When consumers are exposed to your ad anywhere, they should be able to recall it due to the creative content. As a result, your brand stays in their mind and memory.

  • Make use of social media platforms.

Social media platforms have become one of the fastest ways to reach many people simultaneously and in one place. Find out what platforms your potential consumers spend more of their time on and put your product or service out there to be seen. You can increase brand awareness for your start-up by being visible, especially on the internet. Using physical and traditional spaces to gain visibility is good, but only to an extent. Many people spend more time connecting with others on social media platforms than connecting with their environment, so you need to be in a virtual space. Invest in placing your creative ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The more consumers see it, the more brand awareness of your start-up is being increased in the public sphere. You can also hire or outsource digital marketing services to cater to this requirement and improve your business image.

  • Try special edition promotions and freebies

The “buy one get one (or two) free” promotions are for a limited period to create brand awareness. Come out with your products’ unique designs with limited sale timings to gain the audience’s interest in your market. Try free giveaways such as giving customers vouchers, t-shirts, and other brand souvenirs that will remind them of your products and services. It will please them and provide them with the feeling of being appreciated and valued by your company. Customers with ecstatic and bubbly characters show their gratitude by sharing the kind gesture they received on online platforms, promoting your company’s image. For new customers who receive such treatment, it will imprint a good first impression on their minds. 

  •  Use attractive packaging

A consumer’s excitement about receiving or purchasing your product or service starts from the packaging they receive. If your product packaging is plain and boring, it will fail to leave a remarkable impression of your brand. The consumer would have to wait till they try your product before expressing their emotions about it. Care and time should be taken into making high-quality packaging for your products and services. Decide on colour tones and designs that will look beautiful and appeal to your consumers; good packaging will single out your business from its competitors. You can add your company’s logo to the packaging to let your customers recognize your products anywhere. 

  • Do something controversial

You can look for debatable and hot topics in your country or the world and take a stand in the name of your start-up. Share your opinions about an ongoing issue of national interest; your ideas may either gain a positive or negative reception in the public sphere. In the case where the public may disagree strongly, your company can amend the opinion shared. Either way, your brand will receive the attention and interest of many people. It will allow your brand to trend both on social media and traditional media, increasing your brand awareness.

  •  Use infographics

Using picture texts is an easy and effective way to communicate your brand to customers. It is easier and faster to understand a piece of information in the form of a graphic design with attractive visuals because art and colour are visually appealing to the human eye and the brain. You can use infographics to communicate your brand in an exciting and memorable way. Use it to attract more customers, share your goods and services, and increase your brand awareness. Invest in a skilled graphic designer to produce quality and confident looking designs to represent your business brand. You can easily share the creations on the internet and social media platforms for your start-up to gain more visibility in the virtual sphere.

Increasing awareness of your brand involves influencing and persuading your audience to lean towards your start-up. Though you may do what is required to gain the loyalty of more customers, you must be consistent in selling quality and valuable products and services. While promoting your brand awareness, be sure to have your consumers in mind and give them their money’s worth.



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