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Stay Motivated!

How To Keep Motivated To Work During Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely turned most of our working days upside down. Without the same routine and schedule to stick to, days can all blur into one, and soon mental health can take a hit. You can end up feeling you aren’t using your brain enough and miss the social, human elements of your day to day life before this all happened. When you couple all of this with feeling lonely, worried about the pandemic, and concerned about your business, your ability to think can be seriously hindered. Because of this, it is important to keep your brain stimulated to improve your well-being and ensure you are in as good shape mentally as you are physically. Here are just a few ways that you can keep yourself motivated to work during your lockdown and tips you can pass on to your employees too.

Stay mentally active

While a lot of people go to the gym, many people don’t see that they give their brains the same stimulation as their bodies. It is essential that you look after all aspects of your body’s health and wellbeing to keep your brain in the best stead to run your business. Lockdown can make you feel as if your days drag on forever and if you have less work than usual at a bit of a dead-end. You could learn how to play a musical instrument or a new language. With so many online courses, the possibilities are endless, and you will find yourself leaving lockdown with numerous skills that you can apply to all aspects of your day to day life and experiences. If you decide to take up cooking or baking, Onit Direct are a good option for your food storage needs. 

Take Time Out For You 

As a business owner, you can sometimes feel as though you need to be busy doing work all the time, but it is important to take time just to be yourself too. Ensure you make time for the things you enjoy and give your brain a break from the things that stress you out. Why not set aside an hour every morning to do some yoga or meditation? You could start a gratitude journal and write down all the things you are grateful for each day, or why not take up adult coloring or painting? There are so many options for you to choose from. Think about what is best for you, and be sure to do a little of it every day. While it is only a small aspect to focus on, just spending a little time on yourself will help you put things into perspective and ensure you are getting the best work-life balance.

Ensure you still socialize regularly

Socializing is very important for our mental health and well-being. With this year being difficult to see others, it is important we make the extra effort to do so safely for our mental health and well-being. Arrange regular virtual meetings or zoom calls with work colleagues and employees instead of just speaking on email and regularly do video calls with your friends and family. If they aren’t available for video calls, try giving them a call on a scheduled day each week to ensure regular communication. This way, you will feel much closer to them and be able to offload any thoughts or feelings that are playing on your mind and could be getting you down. 

These are just a few ways to keep yourself motivated to do work when you are in lockdown or business is more stressful than usual. By following these tips soon you will notice a difference in your productivity as well as that of your employees.



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