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Important Communication Tips For Digital Marketing Companies

Good communication is one of the most important things that businesses look for in a digital marketing agency. Even though they are outsourcing their digital marketing, business owners still want to be in the loop, which is why they look for agencies that communicate well. If you run a digital marketing agency, it’s important that you consider your communication strategies and find ways to build connections with your clients. These are some of the best communication tips for digital marketing agencies in 2020. 

Understand Their Goals

 The first step in any relationship with a client is to understand their goals. Before you can start thinking about a strategy, you need to know what it is that your client is trying to achieve in the first place. Do they want to build their brand and expand their reach on social media or are they only concerned with boosting website traffic and increasing sales? What kind of budget do they have? It’s important that you sit down with them and discuss these goals from the very beginning. That way, you are both on the same page and you can build a relationship in which you both understand one another. If you don’t focus on their goals, they will not feel as though you are really invested in their business and they may not want to continue working with you in the future. 

Present Metrics In A Clear Way 

Your clients are not experts in digital marketing, that’s why they hired you. This means that they may have trouble understanding the metrics that you present them with and they don’t really know what your strategy is or whether it is working. If clients don’t understand what you are telling them, they feel a bit out of the loop, which is why it’s important that you present metrics in a clear way. If you can create stunning dashboard displays for them, you can present the information in a digestible way, so they can fully understand it. This will be a huge help because they will feel involved in the strategy and they can have more input, which makes it easier for you to direct the campaign. 

Invest In The Right Communication Tools

If you want to improve communication with your customers, you need to invest in the right digital communication tools. Things like live chat are so commonplace these days and people come to expect it on your site. It gives people a much easier way to contact you and get an instant response. It also makes things more productive for your employees because you can cut back on email overload. You should also think about your internal communication because if your employees are more productive, that translates to a better service to your employees. 

Send Regular Updates 

Live chat is great for answering any questions that your clients might have, but you shouldn’t wait until they ask every time. Keeping them in the loop is so important and making them chase you is just frustrating for the client. That’s why you should always send out regular updates. Put together an email every month at the very least and send it out to your clients. Give them a breakdown of how the campaign is going and whether you plan to make any changes. Always invite them to ask any questions as well, so they know that your door is always open to them. 

Incorporate Communication Into Training

Good communication is a skill that people need to learn, so don’t assume that your employees have already mastered it. The way that they talk to people on the phone or address them in emails is so important because they are representing your business and trying to build a relationship with customers. You should provide training in these areas so your employees are better equipped to communicate with your clients. Recording phone calls is a brilliant way to gauge how effective your client communication is and identify areas for improvement. These problem areas can be addressed in training sessions. 

Collect Feedback 

Client feedback is the best way to improve your business, but a lot of digital agencies don’t take advantage of it. If you ask your clients for their feedback and opinions of the service that you provide, it shows them that you value their opinion and you trust them. It also helps you to identify areas of the business that are not working as well as they could, so you are constantly improving your service.

If you run a digital marketing agency, follow these simple tips to improve communication with clients and offer a better service. 


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