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Office Alternatives

3 Cheaper Alternatives To A Traditional Business Office

If you’re starting a business, you’ve probably begun looking at different offices. In turn, you’ve also started realising how expensive offices can be! Do you really need a traditional business office when initially creating your company? There are arguments for and against, but the general consensus is that it isn’t necessary. Instead, you can try a few alternatives that will save money without harming your productivity. 

Here are the top three alternatives most startups opt for:

Working from home

I think we’re all sick of seeing this phrase this year! Still, working from home is the cheapest option available to new businesses. The beauty is that you can work from home and still communicate with a team. You probably won’t have a big team right now, but you could have a few employees or partners working alongside you. Thanks to various cloud computing devices, you can all work from home while still working together – perfect!

Virtual Offices

Next, you can take working from home to a new level. Effectively, a virtual office is a semi-fake location that your business uses. The office actually exists, but you don’t work there. You pay a fee to claim the virtual office location as the location for your business. This is beneficial as it improves your reputation by providing a proper business address. Also, you can sometimes go and work in the virtual office. Well, some providers will let you go into the office to use meeting space. Again, this is advantageous as it boosts your reputation by providing a professional setting when meeting with clients. 

A virtual office is a natural progression if you want to work from home but enhance your reputation. It may cost money, but it is far far far cheaper than renting a traditional office and working there full-time. 

Coworking Office Space

This option is particularly popular amongst people who struggle to work from home. Perhaps you have too many distractions and can’t get in the zone. In this case, you can find communal workspaces where numerous professionals all work together. You’ve each got your own little private space, so it’s not like you’re banging shoulders with people either side of you!

Basically, this is called coworking as you rent the space as and when you need it. Again, it adds an element of professionalism as meeting a client in an office is always better than meeting them at home. It’s also more affordable and flexible – you can choose to work from home or to go to the office. Coworking also has the unique advantage of being perfect for networking. Think about all the other business professionals sharing this space – who knows what opportunities may come your way!?

A traditional office is always seen as the holy grail for new businesses. It’s like you don’t think you can run a business unless you rent office space. The alternatives in this article prove that you can still run a company without wasting money on an office. As your business grows, the need for permanent office space will increase. At this point it becomes necessary, so you can start looking. But, think of all the money you saved in the months and years before reaching this stage!



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