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Brand Confidence

Showcasing The Pride You Have In & For Your Business

Brand confidence is often something we take for granted – in order to market their products or services, a company has to market them to you in an appealing and enticing manner. That said, business confidence and pride is often something we ourselves, as consumers, can inspect. We can measure how well this comes across. For instance, think of how you gauge a restaurant’s quality. It’s in the food, sure, but also in how well the menu is presented. It’s in how the waiter or waitress speaks to you, and in how clean the place is. These little metrics help an owner show just what pride they have in, and for, their business.

Your firm may be far and away from the standardized operation of a restaurant. But you can still operate within similar principles, showcasing the pride you have for your firm in the small details, without having to spend above and beyond to get there. It’s all a matter of principles and priorities. What does that mean in practice? Let’s discuss:

Branding & Branding Accessories

Branding is an important measure to get right. Great branding can help even the smallest of startups look imposing, impressive, and full of potential. Bad branding can make an international conglomerate look old, irrelevant, tired, and on its way out. That much is clear.

That said, branding also denotes your standards. It showcases your attention to detail. In many cases, it puts your principles and values front and centre. For instance – consider how many businesses that develop and publish their own Smartphone apps will update just how the icon looks from time to time, to keep in line with the new visual formatting of a phone’s operating system – and to look more in-line and inkeeping with the other apps there. This isn’t an accident. They wish to stay relevant, interesting, and worth your time. 

Branding accessories can really help you. It might be that you use a commercial LED lighting electrician to help you create a beautiful backlit logo in your office, or at the side of your building. You might invest in a great web design service to ensure your branding is cohesive no matter if someone is viewing your website on a phone, through an internet browser, or even a tablet. These are the services worth considering.

Staff Training & Professionalism

Your staff members are your ambassadors, and so it’s important to give them every tool you can to succeed. If you are able to do that, then you’re more likely to emphasize your standards regarding how they greet the general public, and how they handle your clients.

Professionalism is the name of the game here. It’s best tested when a support agent comes across a rude or unhelpful customer complaint. It’s tested when your staff are tired, or selling a new package, or perhaps traveling somewhere on your behalf to secure a potential deal.

For this reason, investing in their wider skillset is always a great idea. This might involve booking them in for Toastmasters meetings, well known training seminars to help them get better at public speaking and building confidence. It can also be that investing in diversity and inclusivity training seminars helps your staff understand what your standards are going to be from now on. These are just suggestions – whatever works for your firm and your current workforce is often a great idea. What matters is how you curate them as professionals.

After all, we can often see staff members as a static entity, a list of qualifications on a resume that we either reject or bring into our firm. But staff members are dynamic, constantly learning, and they all want to grow. This means that investing in them as people and professionals can not only ensure they stick around, but it means they will better serve you as creative, competent and willing individuals. That‘s always a good idea.

Inspecting Your Standards

Inspecting and improving your standards is important from time to time. For instance, checking if your suppliers are sourcing you with materials in the most ethical context can be essential. This might also give you a marketing opportunity, showcasing how you’re looking to the future and giving yourself more room to act in line with modern principles and standards.

It can also be that transparently viewing where your business is failing, perhaps through reading your worst feedback and customer reviews, can help you clearly see who you may not be servicing, and if these complaints deserve any merit at all. You may have ran a fantastic sales campaign, for instance, but if hundreds of people replied to your survey suggesting that it was confusing, or that the difficult onboarding or discount-applying process prevented them from moving forward with a purchase, then that’s something to move towards and improve.

The important principle here is to be relentlessly self-cirtical. There’s always something to improve as a business, and while being overly critical can rob you of the good you achieve, it can also keep you in check. Be sure to strike a healthy balance, and your staff will know just what your standards are as a firm – and they will seek to achieve them.

Heightening Accountability

Heightening accountability in your firm is also a great idea. It can help you stay on top of your staff, keeping them in check. If you’re to invest in your staff, you’re also able to verify they’re working well for your firm, that their mid-term reviews are looked through, and that you update their working contracts as and when available.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a rigid focus on their selling results, but rather, if they’ve followed safety protocols, if they’re performing well, if they’re giving useful feedback and how involved in the meeting process they may be. Accountability, when egregious mistakes are made, can help you prevent them from returning. These micro-effforts can keep your staff, and from there your standards, in the right direction.

With this advice, we hope you can showcase the pride you have in and for your business.



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