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Virtual Party

How You can Still have a Work Christmas Party in 2020

This year has been incredibly challenging for pretty much everybody. New working methods have impacted on a lot of people in a negative way, and now end of year parties are a sad, distant memory. 

While it seems there is little to celebrate at the end of 2020- with some companies losing staff members due to the pandemic, there are things to be thankful for, especially for companies that have worked hard to survive the pandemic

But what can you do to make things memorable for your employees at the end of a very taxing year? 

Here are some of the things you can do to make the end of 2020 much more promising. 

The Virtual Party 

For teams that are working from home, it doesn’t mean that parties are completely out of the question. 2020 has owed a lot to technology and keeping people connected from afar. Parties are no different. 

Video calls can seem like a bit of a chore if your teams are expected to attend several a day. So make sure if any of your parties take place using this method- keep it light and forced entertainment at a minimum. 

How to Host a Virtual Party 

The good news is that virtual meetings are possible for both small companies. So if you’re the manager of a small SEO company, or are in charge of ordering office supplies and want to find ways to branch out, you can still have fun while remaining distant from teams. 

 Encourage employees to dress up, send out party packs with streamers, drinks, snacks, and music. Delegate staff members to create playlists to share with the team as a ‘DJ set’. Create at home challenges such as scavenger hunts, talent shows, ‘best dressed’ competitions etc. 

Have a Movie Night 

Just because movie theaters are no go for most people these days, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the magic of a Christmas movie night. There are so many great Christmas films available on streaming services such as Netflix. Teams can sync the streaming so it feels like you are watching all together. Now, who will be in charge of the snacks? 

Express Your Gratitude 

2020 has been one of the most challenging years, economically, physically, and emotionally. You will be grateful for any time off you’ll be getting at the end of the year as you’ve worked hard to keep things afloat, but that’s no different to your teams. 

Show your teams that you’re grateful for the work they have put in. Take some time out to craft personal messages to team members and their families. 

The 2020 festive season may mean being away from our loved ones and wondering how we’re going to celebrate together. You can make a big difference to your team’s morale by writing them a note or letter expressing your gratitude- a small token of thanks can go a long way. 

Right now, you’re going to want to do as much as possible to keep teams positive and to reaffirm your bond with them. 


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