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The Changing World of Work

According to Harvard Business School, businesses that let their employees decide where and when they would want to work increase their productivity, lower organizational costs, and reduce turnover. Because working remotely helps businesses to cut costs and allows employees to gain personal freedom, it is beneficial to both parties. Therefore, you should consider allowing your workers to work remotely.

While working remotely isn’t feasible for all businesses, if most of your organization’s business tasks are in the cloud, then moving to a mobile workforce would be much easier. You will easily manage your workforce using video conferencing, calendar, and other knowledge-sharing tools to keep your employees in the loop.

The recent events have transformed how businesses across the world work. Employees who previously had to report to the office are now being encouraged to work from home. However, while the world will eventually settle, the future may be full of disruptions. For this reason, you need to support your employees to work remotely rather than hoping that the problem will subside.

For your employees to work effectively and securely from remote locations, you will need some sort of infrastructure and technology to support working from home. Learn how you can develop a strategy for shifting to working remotely by looking at the following infographic. The infographic shows how you can prepare your business for the changing world of work. It also includes statistical data from recent research on reasons why you should consider working remotely. 


Infographic designed by M247


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