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Crafty Business Ideas To Try in 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen many people have a lot more time on their hands than normal, and that has given rise to people taking on all sorts of new projects and trying out different crafts. For many, as they begin to return to work and life slowly goes back to normal, it will fizzle out or become a weekend hobby. For others, it is a life changer – it means they can quit their day job, and make a living doing something they love from the comfort of their own home.

If you want to try your hand at new crafts, whether you have the intention of turning it into a business at some point or whether you just fancy a new hobby, why not check out some of these crafty ideas?

Resin crafts

Resin has exploded in popularity because of the versatility of the product. The material, epoxy resin, can be used to make jewellery, coasters, wine butlers, tabletops, bookmarks, keyrings – the only limit really is your imagination and creativity. Try adding glitter and mica paint, or dried flowers and even ashes and locks of hair to resin to create some really unique products.

Wax melts

The popularity of traditional scented candles has been overtaken by wax melts. These are blocks of wax, often shaped and coloured, sometimes with glitter and other decorations added and scented. They are put into the top of a burner and lit from underneath with a tealight, throwing the scent across the room. From designer perfume inspired scents to fruity fragrances, people are going mad for these – so there is definitely a market for them, albeit a slightly oversaturated one.

Furniture upcycling

Taking an old piece of furniture that was possibly destined for the trash and turning it into something beautiful is another trend that has been popular for a few years now with no sign of slowing down. Keep an eye out on eBay, Facebook marketplace and your local thrift and junk stores for old dining chairs, sideboards, tables and dressers and spend some time sanding them down, repainting, varnishing, adding new handles and knobs or fabrics to create something unique.

Creative candy

Everyone loves giving candy or chocolate as a gift, but it can also look a little boring. Crafty sorts have realised this and have looked at ways of making candy cute! From exploding boxes to bouquets of chocolate, there are plenty of people out there making fabulous gifts from candy. Why not try your hand at it?


We are not talking about big scale wood projects here, but smaller things such as candle holders, ornaments, decorations and signs. You will need a few basic tools to get started, but the beauty of wood is that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same, which is why people go mad for them.

Why not give some of these ideas a whirl? They may take off and give you the basis for a successful and satisfying business, but even if they don’t, you will have fun trying.



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