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Motivation at work is one of the hardest things to keep up for your employees. You may be running a business, but even you don’t want to spend your time in an office for eight hours a day – sometimes more – five days a week. However, as the leader, you need to be able to inspire change and inspire ideas from your staff. If you’re doubting your ability to keep your staff motivated, then you need to get help from those who can. One of the best ways to inspire people is to have your staff working in your office with you. You want your people to feel happy, as this is the driving force behind their motivation to do well for you. It’s up to you to ensure the happiness of your staff, and it starts with the right working environment. When it comes to assessing your working environment, consider the space in which you and your staff are working right now. Since the pandemic, you may consider an office move as much as continued remote working. Downsizing your office space and buying a new area is a big job, and you have things to consider such as topographical surveys and environmental health plans to make this the right place for your employees to work. Buying a new building for your office space is going to be a fresh change for your business, so why not consider looking for a new space and adapting your working environment entirely?

Remote working absolutely has its merits, but you want to see your staff working productively. You could adopt a more flexible working environment, but having a base with BE Offices is going to allow the staff that prefer the sociable working environment to be together and feel motivated to work. You can inspire your people when they are working with you, but you can also ensure that they are able to work to their best as a group. To better understand the figures here, we’ve put together an infographic to describe the benefits of having your employees working with you in the office. Check it out below:

Infographic Design By BE Offices


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