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How to develop a progressive career virtually?

“Be stubborn and thick-skinned. Because I think even if you’re passionate, and even if you’re really good at what you do, I think you are likely to be subject to preconceived notions of who can do what.”

  • Anab Jain 

The circumstances of the global pandemic have left many people worrying about their career. The major concern is closed educational institutions, universities and offices which have started to make students worry if they will ever be able to continue a progressive career or not. But why worry when there is an effective and ever-growing scope available?

What is the best stream to choose?

Due to the pandemic situations, every course and work nature type has shifted to the virtual world. This makes it important for people to consider the best online courses and develop a never-ending career. When talking about the trending streams with countless career options available, it is hard to miss on psychology which has a lot to offer. 

Psychology – A Career Worth Choosing 

Psychology is one of those degrees which make people link it to a highly studious degree requiring years of study and hard work. This thought often makes most of the students skip it. But when you wake up to the realities, you find out the perks associated with psychology. As there are more than 192,300 jobs available in this stream, the demand for an online psychology degree and certifications is quite high. Thousands of students are enrolling in such educational programs with the hope of working as a successful psychologist in the future. 

If you are one of those who desire to build a career and would like to consider psychology, then here is a string of professions available to join. 

Art therapist – As the designation suggests, art therapists utilize creative arts and expressive masterpieces to understand the problems a patient or client has been facing. They work on the imbalanced state of a human being while helping them remain calm effectively. Be it the analysis process or the treatment; art therapists are highly-recognized for using artistic ways for everything. They handle cases like brain injuries, stress, children with disabilities, etc. 

Clinical psychologist – Professionals at this designation work on diagnosing, treating and assessing a psychological disorder in human beings. You can find clinical psychologists at hospitals, clinics or healthcare centers. 

Besides these two, some of the other most common and highly paid designations to achieve after a psychology degree are consumer psychologist, vocational counselor, experimental psychologist, criminal psychologist, geropsychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist, special education teacher, etc. 

The last word – 

The world of online learning and education is expanding by the time pandemic has hit all of us. This has increased the scope of people shifting to online platforms and accepting the progressive approach of the present time. Here, those who have been finding themselves in the dilemma of choosing a career can consider a psychology degree as an ideal academic stream. An individual with a psychology degree can fit in multiple roles. It all depends on the sub-category you choose. 


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