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Incredible Trends To Consider For Trade Show Stand Design

If you have a business then you will know that it is vitally important to constantly reinvent and rejuvenate yourself by staying up to date with the latest trends. For instance, in the last few years social media has really taken off and it has been vital to establish your business with a dominant and effective social media presence in order to stay on par with your competitors.

A lot of business reap the rewards of participating in different exhibitions, trade shows, presentations and other similar events in order to increase their customer base, meet new people, boost their profile for online tenders, and consequently their profits. 

The main part of the success of these shows lies within the exhibition stand design itself. If this is ineffective then so to will the campaign be, and thus a lot of time, money and effort will have been completely wasted. To ensure that your exhibition stand design draws in attention and achieves what you want it to, you need to stay in the know regarding the current trends. 

For instance, what colours shall you use? At the moment bright and eye-catching colours such as sunshine yellow, turquoise and magenta mixed with something subtle like cream, beige, ivory or grey is the most popular option. This is because it creates the perfect balance between being exciting and seeking attention whilst also remaining professional and sleek. Therefore, it is not ‘in your face’ and too much but at the same time, it is also not boring or uninspiring. 

In addition to colours, another aspect of your exhibition stand design that you need to consider is what material to use. Of course, wood is the most commonly used material for the entire build of the design but playing around with different fabrics is very much a trend at the moment. You do not have to use an excess of fabrics but you can use them in certain areas to exaggerate and distinguish different parts of your stand design. Moreover, it also makes your display look a lot more attractive and pleasing on the eye.

In the current day and age, technology has improved drastically and so we can now play around with lighting in order to make our exhibition stand not only look more attractive but to emphasise the parts of it we see the most important. There are so many different types of lights nowadays, including beautiful coloured lights, that you can find literally anything to cater to your needs and create the perfect mood.

Finally, you also need to put in some thought to the actual shape of your display. In the past, this would have been easy as everything was in a traditional box or booth form. However, nowadays you need to think of more intricate and exciting shapes. But keep in mind that it is not only about how the shape looks but the accessibility as well.

So there you have it; the latest trends in exhibition stand design, make sure you use them well!


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