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Employer Responsibility:

Do Not Ignore These Workplace Safety Rules

According to EU-OSHA, an estimated 476 billion EUR is spent on various forms of injuries and, in some cases, fatalities in the workplace. This huge figure represents money that could have been used in other ways if the requisite safety measures and precautions were put in place and adequately adhered to. Though certain injuries are purely accidental, the majority of workplace place accidents can be avoided. As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your workplaces do not pose a threat to your employees during the discharge of their duties. Here are a few things you shouldn’t ignore.

Primary responsibility

As an employer, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that every aspect of workplace safety is covered. From clearly demarcating danger zones, and providing personal protective workwear, to providing training on how to handle dangerous chemicals and others, be sure you have all angles covered. By Law, as an employer, you are bound and expected to comply with all protocols that concern the provision of workplace safety. You must provide a workplace that is devoid of recognized hazards and be sure to abide by the rules and regulations regarding the safe operation of your business. Failure to do this puts your employees at risk, and you will be liable for fines and penalties.

Provide the right workwear

Never compromise on providing the right workwear for your employees. Helmets, knee pads, gloves, overalls, work trousers, and everything else that is required on the job should be made readily available. This will save you a lot of stress and money from potential lawsuits. Invest in the best workwear available by checking out this website, where you’ll find all types of Blaklader workwear for tradesmen and tradeswomen. So whether your business employs road workers, painters or mechanics, you’re sure to find the toughest and safest gear for their daily tasks.

Teach and insist on safety protocols

As an employer, anything that derails your progress could cost you money. Accidents tend to be costly and can cause the production process to stop for some time. You cannot afford such stops and as such, you have to ensure that safety protocols are taught and instilled in your employees. If possible, make it a daily routine just to make sure your employees know what is expected of them in the workplace to keep themselves safe. Also, make sure that your employees know what to do in case of an emergency or when a colleague gets injured when discharging their duties.

Conduct regular risk assessments

Though it may cost you, as an employer, it’s good to conduct regular risk assessments of your facility. Looking out for what might go wrong before it does is a great way of preventing actual accidents. Risk assessments will enable you to forestall any such incidents and help you adequately fix or replace the potential causes of accidents.

Commit to better workplace safety

As an employer, you should be committed to ensuring that safety at your workplace is paramount. The health of your employees will invariably affect the quality and progress of your production which will be indicative of your products on the market. Committing to better safety at the workplace will keep this from happening. Find ways to integrate safety measures and best practices into your overall framework. Put monitoring systems in place and allot resources to adequately cater for such systems.


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